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How We Store Dirty Kitchen Rags (with an upstairs laundry room)

How We Store Dirty Kitchen Rags (with an upstairs laundry room) - Charleston Crafted

I love that we have been fully committed to cloth rags and napkins for years now (and yes, when people come to our house they always want to use paper towels and say they “don’t need fancy cloth napkins” and I have to convince them that it’s okay, they aren’t fancy!)

In the condo, it was super simple to toss used and dirty napkins from the kitchen to the laundry closet (literally within tossing distance) but since in our current home the laundry room is upstairs, we were having a weird pile of dirty rags sit on the floor until one of us scooped them and carried them up.

First world problem for sure, but it had a simple solution.

How We Store Dirty Kitchen Rags (with an upstairs laundry room) - Charleston Crafted

A wet diaper bag!

I know, I don’t have kids so a diaper bag was so not on my radar, but my friend suggested this one (you know I got the anchor print) and it was honestly the perfect solution. Here’s why:

  • The bag is cloth on the outside (did I mention anchor print?) but the inside has a rubbery coating, making it waterproof.
  • It zips closed.
  • It has a loop to hang it from a hook inside the pantry.
  • It is the perfect size to hold a week’s worth of rags and napkins.

Every Sunday I grab the bag and take it up stairs. I wash all the rags, washcloths, and the bag itself with our other laundry.

How We Store Dirty Kitchen Rags (with an upstairs laundry room) - Charleston Crafted

It is such a simple solution, but it has made a huge difference in the convenience of this daily task. I just had to share in case anyone else was battling a similar problem!

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    Tuesday 11th of July 2017

    I have used one of these for a couple of years now! It is a super help! I actually hang my bag in the bathroom on the hook where I hang one of my towels. We mostly use it for wet washcloths. Our laundry is in the basement and I hate the idea of wet wash clothes and dish rags being thrown down the stairs to land on top of the dirty clothes hamper. They get all smelly and mildewy if they sit there long enough. By putting them in the bag and zipping it up, we never smell wet wash cloth and we don't have to throw them down the stairs! I of course chose purple since it matches my bathroom!

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