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The Best Small Bathroom Paint Colors

Want to update your bathroom? Here are the best Small Bathroom Paint Colors to help even the tiniest of bathrooms to look magazine-worthy.

Bathrooms can be tricky to decorate, and small bathrooms especially so.

You probably want your bathroom to feel clean, and inviting. There are many ways to achieve this without fully renovating the space.

If you’re looking to transform your small bathroom, choosing the right paint color is a great place to start.

Today we want to share our favorite paint colors for small bathrooms.

This guide is divided into three categories: spa-like bathroom paint colors, light and bright bathroom paint colors, and dark and moody bathroom paint colors.

Pick your aesthetic, and keep reading to find the perfect shade!

best paint colors for a small bathroom

The Best Small Bathroom Paint Colors

Here are the best paint colors to use in your small bathroom, no matter what aesthetic you want it to have!

Spa-Like Bathroom Paint Colors

People love spa vibes in a bathroom. This is usually achieved by painting the walls a very light beachy color – like mint green or pale blue.

Create a serene and tranquil spa-like atmosphere in your small bathroom with these calming hues:

half bathroom after
half bath in our old home, SW Watery

Light and Bright Bathroom Paint Colors

White or very light walls can make a room feel larger. So, it’s no surprise that so many like a white or nearly-white bathroom.

To make your small bathroom feel larger and more open, consider these light and airy colors:

small bathroom with white walls

Dark and Moody Bathroom Paint Colors

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a dark color can be fun, especially if you want to make a small bathroom feel like a highlight of your home.

For a luxurious and dramatic effect, these rich, muted jewel tones can turn your bathroom into a cozy, opulent space:

small bathroom with jewel toned walls

Each of these colors can add a unique character to your small bathroom, whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa-like vibe, a bright and airy feel, or a luxurious and dramatic atmosphere.

Remember, the right color can transform the smallest of spaces into a beautiful and inviting retreat.

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Click here to learn my simple step by step process to pick the perfect paint color every time!

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