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Sentimental Art

Sometimes the most special thing that you can frame on your wall are things that are special to you. We’ve been working on a special project (reveal coming soon!) and have been gathering a lot of things to frame. We’ve quickly realized that framing sentimental items can make a room feel extra-special & personal.

Here’s a few ideas for things that can take your gallery wall up a notch:

Sentimental Art - Frame a Key - Charleston Crafted

Frame a key from a special home – whether it’s your first home, a special vacation home, hey even a key card stolen from a fun trip at a hotel. A key is a simple thing that can remind you of a special place.

Sean & I actually met because we lived in the same apartment building. It was kind of a gross complex, but it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

So, we glued the key to some cardstock & will always smile & remember how we met & fell in love there.

Frame a Sentimental Menu - Charleston Crafted

Frame a menu from a special meal – The most obvious thing to hang in a frame is of course a flat sheet of paper. What better than a menu from a special meal? You could actually swipe a menu, if you’re that forward thinking. If not, most restaurants have their menus listed online. Print them in color or black in white for a sweet keepsake.

Sean framed the menu of Taco Boy, where we had our first (super awkward) date. He actually used photoshop to resize & rearrange the items slightly so they would fit our slightly odd sized frames.

Sentimental Map Art - Charleston Crafted

Make some map art – I’ve already shared some map art that I made for Christmas for my sister & for Sean. However, I wanted some for my bedroom, too.

Sean had the great idea to make this project- it’s half a heart of each Charlotte (where he’s from) and Cary (where I’m from) and a whole heart over Charleston (where we live now.)

I think it’s pretty sweet!

Sometimes its fun to frame things that have a back story and a special meaning to you!

Do you have any framed sentimental art?

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Wednesday 21st of August 2013

These are all really cute ideas! I desperately need to get some things up on our walls but when I get the whim to do it, I always change my mind about what I want!

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