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Seeking Inspiration- Raw Wood Side & Coffee Tables

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I am actively looking for a new coffee table for the living room. The one I have right now is a kitchen table that I DIY shortened and reupholstered. Its pretty cool but it’s a little bulky for the space. I would really like to replace it with a natural wood piece. I have been fantasizing about a raw-wood coffee table for a while and thought I’d share some of my favorites. Ideally, I will DIY something, but here are some buy-able options:

collage of coffee tables

1. This California-shaped table is super awesome. I think its an awesome shape for a large room and an L shaped couch. I found it on Etsy, sold here for $300. Seems like a pretty awesome deal for such a good looking piece. I also love the contrast of the skinny, metal legs. If I had any sort of connection to California whatsoever, I’d totally get it. Too bad it’d be super random and weird in my condo in South Carolina.

2. Man oh man I am in LOVE with this Timber Cocktail Table by Lulu and Georgia. I am obsessed with the driftwood look of the table base- it looks so sturdy yet delicate with the open space & clear glass top. At 32″ wide, it’s the perfect size for my space. It’s so nautical yet classy, if only it wasn’t $723.80 it would be in my living room right now.

3. This Forest End Table at is too small for a coffee table (at least for what I’m looking for) but I’m totally into the tree-trunk look. It’s painted wood and $126.99- If I had a spot for it, I’d snatch it up for sure.

4. How cool & classic is this stump table, also from Etsy. Its an awesome color & finish & I love the contrast of the skinny legs. This looks like something that you could totally DIY, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin. If you’re interested, they’re $600 and available here.

5. This Z Gallerie Timber Coffee Table has a really strong, industrial vibe. It’s got a huge open surface & would look awesome in a huge, open room. I love how low to the ground it is- but for $799 it is way out of my budget.

6. This Tunnel Stool at Urban Outfitters really caught my attention. I love the grain of the wood- it looks so heavy and sturdy. I think it would look pretty cool to have two of these next to each other as a coffee table. They are $249 each.

7. This table is actually a dining table from Anthropologie. The whitewash look is not exactly what I am looking for in my room, but I seriously dig the natural limb shape of the base. It is $5,998 (woah) and available here.

8. This Slab Coffee Table is from Woodwaves and is $1,500. It once again has a gorgeous wood shape & thin metal legs that I love. I love how it’s made from avocado wood- how cool is that?

9. This Redwood Burl Coffee Table by Jeffrey Hills is a gorgeous color. I’ve been obsessed with Redwood since our trip to San Francisco & seeing the Kichen Cousins put redwood posts in Khloe Kardashian’s movie theater room. This table is so rich & gorgeous, though not the right color for my room, and I’d always be afraid I’d bump my knees into the irregular edges, haha!

Have you seen any cool raw wood tables around?

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Friday 22nd of February 2013

You should check out Reclaimed DesignWorks, they're a local company that can help you design a custom reclaimed wood table-- or anything-- within your budget. They did the bar at The Ordinary, Burwell's and a few other places:

Also, I think you'd like a lot of the design ideas on their pinterest pages: