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Samplize Review – Peel & Stick Paint Samples

Trying to pick the right paint colors for your home? Here is my complete Samplize review of their peel and stick samples.

Picking paint colors can be an overwhelming process. But, paint is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to transform a room in your home.

So, today I am excited to tell you about one of my favorite paint sample hacks: Samplize!

This is my true and honest, non-sponsored Samplize review!

samplize peel and stick paint sample review

What is Samplize?

Samplize is a service that offers mail-order peel and stick paint samples.

These samples are:

  • made with real paint
  • removeable and re-positionable
  • delivered to your home as soon as the next day

How does Samplize work?

You simply head to to select the paint colors that you would like to sample in your order. Add them to your cart and check out.

All orders are shipped priority overnight shipping.

different warm white samplize peel and stick samples

What brands does Samplize carry?

Samplize offers samples of:

  • Benjamin Moore
  • Sherwin Williams
  • PPG
  • Farrow and Ball
samplize peel and stick paint sample review

Features of Samplize

Here are some of the things that you should know before ordering Samplize paint samples.

What finish are Samplize peel and stick samples?

All Samplize samples are an eggshell finish. They are painted to have a drywall-like texture so you can really see how it would look on your walls – not just a slick piece of poster board material.

What is the quality of samples?

The samples are of a great quality. They peel easily off the backing and have good coverage – 2 coats of paint each.

different warm white samplize peel and stick samples

Are Samplize peel and stick samples accurate?

Samplize paint samples are 100% accurate. Because they are made with 2 coats of the actual paint, they are actually more accurate than the paper paint swatches you get at the paint desk.

Customer service

Samplize has a customer support email address and when I emailed to ask a question I got a response very quickly.

samplize peel and stick paint sample review

Tips for using Samplize samples

Here are some of my best tips for using peel and stick paint samples efficiently.

  • attach to a poster board – stick to a white poster board or paper. This makes it so you are not influenced by the colors around it (like old paint that will be going away), but just the new color itself.
  • move around the room – be sure to see how it looks on all of the walls at different times of the day and in all lighting situations.
  • place near fixtures – focus on things that will stay the same, like tile, flooring, trim, counters, or even large furniture!
sticking peel and stick paint sample to the wall

Pros of Samplize

There are a ton of benefits of using Samplize!


My 4 year old literally peeled and sticked these to our walls – they are so easy to put up and move around!

Deliver to your door

Home delivery means no going to the store (and getting distracted and buying other stuff). No waiting at the paint desk. No human interaction at all.

Nice size

These samples are 9″x14.75″, which is a really nice size for getting a feel of how a color will look on your walls. MUCH better than tiny 2″ square paper samples.

No mess

Want to look at 6 samples? No need to dirty 6 paint brushes (or wash the same one 6 times). These arrive ready to go, and you aren’t going to rub against them and stain your clothes.

peeling peel and stick paint sample off the wall


Have you ever put up paint samples, then not painted for months? And had squares of paint on your walls for all that time?

And then gone to paint over the squares and have to sand and sand and STILL be able to see the square’s texture through the finished paint?

Not just me? Good.

Environmentally friendly

Excess paint is not environmentally friendly. So, by cutting down on paint waste, you are being a bit greener in your shopping habits. Not sure how that cancels out with the shipment and delivery offset, but it is worth considering.

Curated collections

Samplize offers curated collections to help you narrow down the best paint color for your room. For example, they offer a warm whites collection.

This takes the thought out of it and lets you then take these popular colors in a color family that you know you like and pick which works best in your room’s actual lighting.

different warm white samplize peel and stick samples

Try a few different brands

Another great pro is that you can sample multiple brands easily. Mix Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore without having to visit two different stores – or any stores really!

Wrap around corners

Random, but these samples can be wrapped around a corner, which is cool if you are looking at a whole house paint color and want to see how it looks in the two spaces at once.

Real drywall texture

As I mentioned, they have a drywall texture which is much more realistic and better to look at compared to the poster board texture of paper paint swatches.

sticking peel and stick paint sample to the wall

Cons of Samplize

Here are the biggest negatives of using Samplize samples:

Limited finish

As I mentioned before, Samplize only provides eggshell samples. This usually doesn’t matter, but if you are going for a glossy finish, the color could actually look a bit different than eggshell in real life.

Limited brands

I really wish that Samplize would carry Behr paint. It’s the brand sold at the Home Depot and it’s really popular with a lot of our readers – and us! So, I will say that the limited brands is a con.

sticking peel and stick paint sample to the wall

No left over paint

When you buy small samples sized jars of paint, you will have lots of leftovers. When you order paint samples from Samplize, you will not have any leftover paint.

Now this is kind of a weird con because it was also a pro – with a big ole asterisk of “it depends on the person”.

Personally, I do a lot of DIY and craft projects, so I like having small things of different colors of paint around.

So, this could be a negative if you are a crafter.

Hard to get back on the backing

This is really only an issue if you want to store your samples to re-use in the future, but it can be hard to line the samples up perfectly to put them back on the backing.

You might want to consider cutting a piece of wax paper that’s larger than the sample to stick it to so you don’t have to worry about it.

peeling the backing off of a samplize peel and stick paint sample

Are Samplize peel and stick samples worth it?

Samplize samples are a super convenient way to sample paint. If you do not have a use for small tins of leftover paint, they are 100% the way to go.

However, they are not cheaper than buying paint samples at the store unless you take advantage of one of their bundle deals.

Now, let’s compare the price of Samplize samples vs other options!

Samplize peel & stick samples vs paint samples

Samplize sample – $5.95 + $8.95 shipping

Home Depot sample – $5.98 + free to pick up in store

Lowes sample – $5.48 + free to pick up in store

Samplize peel & stick samples vs making your own

Samplize sample – $5.95 + $8.95 shipping (with buy 8, get 2 free deal)

  • Total cost for 1: $14.90
  • Total cost for 3: $26.80
  • Total cost for 10: $56.55

SureSwatch peel + stick paintable pieces – $2.95 for 3

Lowes sample – $5.48 + free to pick up in store

  • Total cost for 1: $8.43
  • Total cost for 3: $19.39
  • Total cost for 10: $63.65

So, you can conclude that Samplize will not save you money. However, it is only marginally more expensive, especially the more you order.

If you value the convenience, it is totally worth it!

How to get free Samplize shipping

My local Lowes actually offers Samplize peel & stick samples for $5.95 with FREE in store pickup – it just might take a few days!

Is Samplize legit?

Samplize is a legitimate company that sends completely accurate paint samples to your door. It’s really a great service!

What paint colors are you loving right now?

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