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25+ Rustic Christmas Tree Decorations

Rustic Christmas decorations are a really popular theme lately. Decorating your home with a rustic feel is popular in general, so it makes sense that it’s popular for Christmas, too!

But, how do you get a rustic feel to your holiday decor?

Common elements of rustic decor for Christmas might include:

  • Simple color schemes – white, black, red, hunter green, natural wood tones
  • Incorporating natural textures such as rope or burlap (it makes a great garland!)
  • Buffalo check anything
  • Lots of wood tones – wood beads on the tree, a wooden tree base, or wooden ornaments to start
  • Vintage decor of any shape or size
  • Woodland inspired decor – deer, bears, moose, birds, or any similar animal
  • Lots of bright white elements
  • Natural elements – for example, pine cones or branches add a great rustic touch
  • Galvanized metal – such as a bucket tree collar or metal ornaments
  • Texture such as baskets, chunky knit blankets, or nubby fleece
  • You can never go wrong with lanterns!
25+ things to make and buy for rustic christmas tree decoration ideas

Overall, for a rustic Christmas theme, you want the space to feel really lived in, cozy, and collected over time.

Rustic Christmas Tree Decorations

If you want a rustic theme for your Christmas tree, there are tons of DIY crafts that you can do. Here are a few!

11 essentials for rustic christmas decorations

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