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Halloween Monster to Panthers Football Wreath!

You might remember when I made this scary monster wreath for Sean’s apartment door for Halloween. Well, since Halloween is over 🙁 he took down all of his decorations. However, we got used to having a bright wreath on the door and thought it looked just sad and naked without it. So, I decided to repurpose the wreath! Just a few easy steps and it was a whole new wreath we can use for all of football season.

Repurposing a Halloween Wreath

It’s actually a total coincidence that the wreath turned out teal since I wanted green but Walmart was out. It turned out to be a happy plan B because it was exactly panthers blue.

Repurposing a Halloween Wreath

First, I gently peeled off the hot glued eye balls and teeth of the monster wreath. I love hot glue, not only because it dries so fast, but also because you can peel it off pretty easily, too.

The wreath got very slightly tattered from ripping the glue, but you could absolutely not tell unless you examined it up close.

Making a Carolina Panthers Football Wreath

Then I laid out my new decor. I got felt letters from Michaels (with a coupon!) and spelled out CAROLINA PANTHERS.

Making a Carolina Panthers Football Wreath

Then I used some scrap felt to make a little football and a panther.

Making a Carolina Panthers Football Wreath

Note- retrospectively, I wish I had used elmers glue on the felt characters. I love hot glue but it got kind of stringy and annoying here. But,  I was at Sean’s place, so my craft supplies were limited!


Making a Carolina Panthers Football Wreath

Then I just hot glued everything in place. Ta-da! A whole new wreath!

Making a Carolina Panthers Football Wreath

Do you ever repurpose holiday decor so you can enjoy it for more of the year?

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