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15 clever pine cone Christmas crafts

Want to make a fun winter craft for your holiday decor? Here are a ton of pine cone christmas crafts ideas!

Whether you decorate with a style that is traditional, rustic, or even nature-inspired, pine cones are a great item to use for crafting and accessorizing.

They have a beautiful rich brown color, a unique texture, and are as natural as it gets.

Pinecones specifically scream “winter” to me and for that reason they are perfect for using to decorate for Christmas.

So, today I am excited to round up a ton of ideas for how to use pine cones for Christmas crafts!

15 pinecone crafts for christmas

Where to get pine cones for crafting

I prefer to gather pinecones for free from our backyard, but you can also purchase them. Shop for mini pine cones, regular pine cones, or pine cones already on sticks for easy crafting!

How to clean pine cones

Pine cones gathered from outdoors can be buggy or dirty. These steps will clean them completely:

  1. Only select pine cones that are in good condition. Don’t pick up any that are mushy or rotting or especially buggy.
  2. Brush or shake off visible dirt or webbing.
  3. Optional: soak in a bowl with 2 parts water 1 part white vinegar for 15-30 minutes. Let air dry on towels or paper towels for several hours.
  4. Bake in the oven at 250 degrees for one hour. Watch them carefully and check often. Flip halfway through for even drying.

These steps are optional but will ensure your cones are clean and bug-free, which is important if you want to use them for indoor decor.

baking pine cones in the oven

How to get closed pine cones to open

Pinecones tend to close up as they get wet. To get them to fully open up, simply let them dry out. You can do this – very carefully – in the oven at 250 degrees. Or, set them inside for a few days. Assuming they aren’t soaking wet, they will dry out quickly.

15 pinecone crafts for christmas

DIY Pinecone Christmas Crafts

Here are a ton of ideas for crafts that you can do for Christmas and winter decor using pine cones!

Pinecone Crafts for Christmas

Here are a ton of ideas for crafts you can make with pinecones for the Christmas season!

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