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Paint Colors that repel insects

Sick of bugs all over your patio and yard? There are actually paint colors that repel insects! Here’s what you need to know and the top colors to consider!

I love being outside, but I sure do hate bugs. Here in coastal South Carolina, we usually deal with mosquitoes. But, we also have midge flies and Japanese beetles pretty badly in certain times of years.

There are lots of things that you can do to repel insects – spray, put out traps, even plant certain mosquito-repelling plants.

In today’s blog post, we’ll explore a practical and natural way to keep insects at bay by using the power of paint.

Choosing the right paint color can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also help repel insects and pests.

These insect-repelling paint color ideas will transform your living spaces while keeping unwanted critters outside.

Paint Colors that repel insects

Understanding Insect-Repelling Paint Colors

Before we dive into the specific paint colors, let’s discuss the science behind how certain colors can deter insects.

Insects, especially mosquitoes and flies, are naturally attracted to specific colors while they find others unappealing.

By choosing the right hues, you can easily make small changes to your exterior that might help repel these pesky pests from entering your home.

Of course, this all might sound a little woo-woo. And, it’s not going to keep the bugs away like a bug zapper. But, it’s fairly simple – if you are painting something anyways – to try out one of these bug-repelling paint colors.

What paint colors attract bugs?

Before talking about the paint colors that deter bugs, I wanted to touch on the colors that insects are attracted to.

In general, insects are attracted to bright colors that resemble flowers. This includes:

  • Bright yellow
  • Bright orange
  • Red
  • Dark/hot pink

Additionally, it is believed that because bugs see colors on the UV spectrum, they cannot register hues of green or blue. So, they are less likely to be attracted to blue or green colors, and are instead attracted to warm colors!

How & where to use insect-repelling paint colors

By strategically using insect-repelling paint colors in various areas of your home and yard, you can create a bug-resistant environment that complements your DIY home decor while keeping unwanted pests at bay.

Here are some spaces to consider using insect-repelling paint colors:

Outdoor Spaces

Porches and Patios: Paint the exterior walls and furniture with light blue or mint green shades to create a bug-resistant outdoor area for relaxation and entertaining. This is why so many homes have a pale blue (specifically Haint Blue!) ceiling – to repel bugs!

Decking and Railings: Apply insect-repelling paint colors to wooden decking and railings to keep bugs at bay while enjoying the beauty of your backyard.

screened in porch before
light blue ceiling on our porch. Of course, the red walls attract a LOT of bugs!


Front Door: Choose an insect-repelling color like light gray or pale yellow for your front door to create an inviting entrance that doesn’t attract bugs.

Window Frames: Apply insect-repelling paint colors to window frames to prevent insects from entering your home through gaps and cracks.

Front Door Makeover - Charleston Crafted

Utility Areas

Laundry Room: Apply insect-repelling paint colors to the laundry room walls to prevent insects from lurking around damp clothes (especially if it’s in a basement or other damp area).

Garage: Paint garage walls with light gray or mint green to keep bugs away from your DIY projects and tools.

The Top Insect-Repelling Paint Colors

Light Gray: Light gray shades, such as soft dove gray or silver, are known to deter insects like mosquitoes and flies. These colors reflect light well and are less attractive to bugs.

Light Blue: Soft shades of light blue, resembling the sky, can also help keep insects away. Blue is less appealing to many insects, making it an excellent choice for outdoor areas like porches and patios.

Mint Green: This refreshing hue not only adds a touch of serenity to your home but also acts as a natural insect repellent. Mint green can be used in various spaces to create a bug-resistant environment.

Pale Yellow: While bright yellow may attract insects, a muted yellow shade can have the opposite effect. These softer yellows create a sunny ambiance without inviting unwanted guests.

White: Classic white walls and furniture can serve as a natural insect deterrent. Additionally, white paint reflects light and keeps indoor spaces brighter, making it harder for insects to hide.

Any more questions about repelling insects with paint colors?

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