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Our Most Useful IKEA Purchases

IKEA seems to be a polarizing subject. People either think the furniture is great or cheap. We’re in the camp that IKEA is a great place to get useful furniture at a reasonable price. Is it made from the highest quality materials? No, but that’s not what you should expect when you go to IKEA. We have several pieces of IKEA in our house still because they are super functional for what we need. These are our most useful IKEA purchases that can hopefully shed light to you one what they can be used for.

Our Most Useful IKEA Purchases

  • Entertainment Center– We purchased several pieces from the Hemnes line to construct an entertainment center in our condo. They worked perfectly for our TV and the storage offered by the extra shelves were great. When we bought our house, the unit wouldn’t fit as one piece anymore, but we kept using the main unit for our TV, split up the shelves, and turned the upper shelf into a bench seat.
    Our Most Useful Ikea Purchases - Charleston Crafted
  • China Cabinet– When we split up the entertainment center, the two end pieces we combined with the glass front Hemnes display cabinet to make a large unit for our dining room where we keep our china and other valuable pieces.
    Our New China Cabinet Set Up - IKEA Hemnes Glass Door Cabinet - Charleston Crafted
  • Kitchen Table- We use the drop-leaf kitchen table in the eating nook in our kitchen now, but it served as our main table in the condo. We love the sleek look with white legs and bamboo top, plus the wings fold out to make space for guests.
    Our Kitchen for Charleston Home & Design Magazine - Charleston Crafted
  • Picture Frames– So frames aren’t technically furniture, but we love the frames we grabbed from IKEA to hang up our door photo gallery. The frames are cheaper, in price, than anything you’ll find anywhere else and really are nice. And oh hey, check out the TV unit again here!
    A Door Gallery Wall (And How You Can Replicate It!) - Charleston Crafted
  • Shoe Holder– I picked up this shoe holder in Maryland on a loooooong drive back to Charleston and we’ve used it in the condo and the house right in the entry way. It’s a perfect thin storage cabinet with tilt-out cabinets and a nice shelf on top to store our keys.

IKEA furniture can be super useful and is an absolutely great way to get furniture on a budget. We have used a few other things from IKEA as well, including a pendant lamp and drawers for our custom condo master closet.

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