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One Year with our Recycled Glass & Oyster Shell Countertops

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It is hard to believe that it has been one year since we had our recycled glass & oyster shell countertops installed. To mark the anniversary, we wanted to write a post and check in with y’all about how they are doing and how we feel about them.

All photos in this post were taken by Patrick Brickman for Charleston Home & Design Magazine

Our Kitchen for Charleston Home & Design Magazine - Charleston Crafted

Why did we get recycled glass counters? How much did they cost? Where are they from? What was the process?

We answered all of the how and why questions in this blog post!

Our Kitchen for Charleston Home & Design Magazine - Charleston Crafted

How are they holding up after a year?

Is there any staining? No. We 99% of the time wipe up after ourselves, but there have been occasions where things have sat on it over night. Nothing as drastic as red wine, but we have had zero problems with staining.

Are there any chips? No. If you run the pad of your finger over the counter, you can find some very small (pin point sized) almost like bubble holes. They have always been there and are not new. Contrary to what some people on facebook try to tell me ( 🙂 ) no glass or shells have fallen out. 

Our Kitchen for Charleston Home & Design Magazine - Charleston Crafted

Our Kitchen for Charleston Home & Design Magazine - Charleston Crafted

Would we do these countertops again?

100%! I love them because they are beautiful, unique, and interesting. They are sustainably made and the look is right up my alley. The only negative was the cost (which you can read about here) but they were our one kitchen splurge, we didn’t go into debt for them, and they resulted in our kitchen being featured in a magazine. I would 100% do it again. If I did another room (ahem, Sean, our bathroom!) I’d love to experiment with a slightly different look, such as bigger pieces of glass or different shades of blue, just to mix it up. We will just have to decide when we get to those renovation projects if it is the right fit at that time!

Our Kitchen for Charleston Home & Design Magazine - Charleston Crafted

Do you have any more questions about our recycled glass and oyster shell counter tops? 

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Ginny Sass

Monday 24th of June 2019

Hey there. I just had glass and shell countertops installed from Fisher Recycling. Did you seal the countertops after a year as you mentioned and what did you use? Also, the sides of my countertops are polished and shiny but not the tops? Are your tops shiny? Thanks.


Tuesday 25th of June 2019

Hi Ginny! I actually followed up with Fisher Recycling after 1 year and they told me that I do not need to seal them after all. Not sure why the installers said I would. It's been 3 years and we have 0 issue with staining. As far as the shine, they are definitely not glossy but are smooth. Not matte either. More of what I'd call an Eggshell finish!