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Olive Green Home Decor

Lately, I have been seeing olive green everywhere. I love a good neutral olive piece of clothing, but I use no olive green in my home. Since I figured that some of you might be the same, I wanted to round up some of my favorite olive green home decor for you today!

Olive Green Home Decor

Olive Green Home Decor via Charleston Crafted

Throw pillow – Of course, a throw pillow is an easy, non-permanent way to bring in a pop of a new color. I really love this geometric style pillow and think that the pattern could be both playful and modern.

Faux greenery – take the olive trend literally with a real or faux olive tree. I love the delicate leaves! Not up for quite the commitment? There’s also faux olive branches for accenting a vase!

Spray paint – if you are a thrifter like I am, or just want to revitalize something that you already have, pick up a can of olive green spray paint and let the transformations begin!

Rug or mat – swapping out a rug can make a huge change in a room! I recommend starting with something small like this mat to get a taste of the new color in your home.

Hand towels – it is easy to change the feel of a kitchen or bathroom by swapping out the hand towels. I love the plaid patterns in these olive green beauties!

Ramekins – sure, they’re designed for desserts, but they also make adorable little bowls. Did you get on the open shelving trend? These are the perfect pop for there!

Glasses – olive green makes a gorgeous tone in glass. I love the look of these wine glasses and think that they would be gorgeous for everyday use or dinner parties!

Do you have any olive green in your home?

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