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15 Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

If you are a fan of the modern decor look, you might hate normal Christmas decorations. Christmas decor tends to be busy and full of color and texture, while modern design is usually sleek and minimalist.

But do not fret. It is possible for you to decorate your Christmas tree with modern style decor.

How? My best tip is to stick to the style that your home already has. Continue the color scheme and decor styles that are already in your home and make the Christmas decor flow with the rest of your home.

15 Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

A modern style of Christmas decorations might include:

  • Very few colors
  • Sleek, straight lines
  • No excess or extra, decorative items
  • Simple textures like raw wood and metallics
  • Traditional shapes like circles and stars
  • Lots of black and white

I have rounded up some awesome ideas for modern Christmas decor. Check them out below!

Modern Christmas Decorations

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