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Gifts for new parents

I’m not exactly sure how what the phonetic spelling of a snore is, but that’s pretty much how I feel most of the day now thanks to our little baby. Morgan and I have been fairly sleep deprived since Luke was born and it got me thinking of people who might be looking for gifts for sleep deprived parents.

Some of these gifts for sleep deprived parents will help keep them awake when they have to be and some will help them relax, take a load off, or fall asleep if they ever get that chance. If you have a new mom or new dad in your life, consider these gifts for them! 

Gift ideas for Sleep Deprived New Parents

Gifts for Sleep Deprived New Parents

Gifts to Keep Them Awake

  • Coffee– I’m a coffee guy, but I make sure to limit myself to two cups per day, no matter how tired I am. But, two cups doesn’t have a regulation on how strong the coffee can be. Death Wish Coffee is supposedly the strongest coffee there is.
  • Tea– Morgan is a tea girl, as long as it has caffeine. Surprise the sleep deprived parent in your life with a variety pack of strong tea that will keep them going.
  • Dinner– Nothing was more clutch early on to us than people bring us food. My best friend sent us food from a local pizzeria the day after we brought Luke home from the hospital. We were exhausted already and didn’t know what to do for lunch. That food lasted us two meals and was possibly the best food I’d ever tasted.
  • Adult coloring books– I bought Morgan an adult coloring book for Christmas a couple years ago and she never touched it. Now that the baby is here, she’s using it all the time when he’s feeding and she’s trying to stay awake.
  • Night light– This sounds dumb, but in the middle of the night, if you’re trying to hold or feed your baby and get them back to sleep, you want to fall asleep too. In pitch darkness, you’re going to fall asleep, but you don’t want the bright overhead light on either because it will wake the baby. Get a good night light that will help with both issues.

Gifts to Relax Them 

  • Memory foam pillow– It is truly amazing the difference between a memory foam pillow and a standard plush pillow. Help a sleep deprived parent out by letting them fall asleep the minute their head hits the pillow.
  • Pregnancy pillow– Wait, why would you need a pregnancy pillow AFTER the baby is born? Because they are comfortable AF. I was sick one time while Morgan was pregnant and she let me use it so I could sleep propped up. I pretended to be sick for three extra days so I could keep using the pillow…
  • Back massager– there is always something weird about a back massager or any massaging tool that makes me think about how 4,000 people try the ones at Brookstone each day, but if you buy a clean one, they are actually awesome.
  • Oil diffuser– Get them back into a zen state with an oil diffuser to melt them into dreamland.
  • Baby Shusher– This is a real thing. Our photographer used the Baby Shusher when she was taking Luke’s newborn session and it was soooooo much nicer than leaning into his ear and going “shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush” as loud and repeated as possible.

Gifts to Serve Them

  • Babysitting– Our parents were very sweet when they visited by offering to watch Luke so we could go out. Problem was that if he woke up, he was still breastfeeding and not taking a bottle, so we couldn’t take them up on the offer. Now that he’s older, we could. Offer to watch a sleep deprived parent’s child, even if just for an hour to let them take a solid nap.
  • House cleaning– This could mean cleaning their house or hiring someone to do it for them, but the last thing a sleep deprived parent wants to think about is how they need to clean their kitchen in the small amount of time that their kid is asleep during the day.

Keep in mind that anything you can think of will much much appreciated by a sleep deprived parent, but these gifts for sleep deprived parents are a good start. 

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