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How to Get Lilly Pulitzer for Cheap on eBay in 2023

Happy Wednesday! I am excited today to share something a little different with you – how I get Lilly Pulitzer for cheap on eBay! I get a lot of questions about my Lilly wardrobe (get a sneak peek at my Lilly Instagram and in our closet reveal!) A lot of the questions revolve around the price of Lilly and how I manage to buy so much. While everything comes down to budgeting and prioritizing, I have a few tricks up my sleeves to get great deals. One of those tricks is eBay!

How to Get Lilly Pulitzer for Cheap on eBay

How to Get Lilly Pulitzer for Cheap on eBay - Charleston Crafted

There are a few methods for finding inexpensive deals on Lilly Pulitzer. But, in the end, they come down to you either need to be FAST or you need to find something that is HIDDEN. Today I will focus on the HIDDEN aspect.

Because, anyone can sit on eBay and refresh and refresh and try to buy it now when a good deal pops up. But what kind of life is that? My best advice is to look for hidden deals.

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How do you find the hidden deals on Lilly Pulitzer?

You have to look for people who don’t know what they have. The best thing that you can look for miss-spelled auctions. People fat-finger their listing titles all the time. Or maybe some don’t know how to read a tag properly. Either way, this is one of my top tips!

Here are my favorite misspellings of Lilly auctions:

liilly pulitzer

liily pulitzer

likely pulitzer

lil pulitzer -lilly

lilley pulitzer

lillly pulitzer

lilly dress -pulitzer

lilly puiltzer

lilly pulitizer

lilly pulitze -pulitzer

lilly pulitzeer

lilly pulitzir

lilly pultizer

lillyer pulitzer

eBay mis-spellings are truly a hidden gem of opportunities for finding Lilly Pulitzer and other great name brands for cheap!

How to Get Lilly Pulitzer for Cheap on eBay - Charleston Crafted

Do you have any great tips for finding a bargain?

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Wednesday 24th of May 2017

What a great idea! I am going to give it a try sometime. Thanks!

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