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The top fireplace trends for 2024

Want to update your fireplace? Here are the top fireplace trends – big and small – to inspire your next renovation project!

A fireplace is a natural focal point for any home. Often times, fireplace are designed to be the first thing that you see when you walk into a room, and the centerpiece of a living space.

So, it makes sense that you want your fireplace to look awesome. While I am not one to chase the trends, it can be fun to pull a few of the latest interior design trends into your home. The easiest way? Paint with trending colors!

If you were planning to renovate or makeover your fireplace this year, you might wanna know what’s trending. So, let’s talk about the aesthetics, functionality, and materials that are on trend for fireplaces this year.

Note: I have created AI-generated images for this article in order to help you best visualize each trend. I wish I had original photos of each idea – but I only have 1 fireplace of my own to photograph! I hope these images help you explore these trends.

fireplace trends

Overarching Trends in Fireplace Design

There are a few big trends that we are seeing across fireplace design – and, in a lot of cases, in home decor trends overall.

Eco-Conscious and Sustainable Designs

I love that this is a trend and hope that it is timeless, but many people are choosing to focus on environmentally, conscious materials, and designs in their home. This applies to fireplaces as well as any space in the home.

But what fireplaces are eco-friendly? Electric fireplaces are considered the most “clean” – if your electricity comes from a clean source. If it’s sourced from coal, not so much.

The next-most efficient fireplace is typically a gas fireplace – though they vary greatly in efficiency, and are rated individually.

When it comes to materials, look to use sustainably-sourced and local options whenever possible!

Customization and Personalization

Another big overarching trend in home decor is personalization. That’s just to say that design is moving away from one size fits all generic, to more customized design.

I obviously love this, because it allows homeowners to reflect their personal style and taste in every aspect of their home. However, it can be very overwhelming as a homeowner when you are presented with such a variety of options.

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Smart Fireplace Technology

A home trend that we are continuing to see grow, and I was kind of surprised to see related to the fireplace is smart home technology. But, there are some simple ways to integrate smart technology into your fireplace.

This could be as simple as a remote control operation for a gas or electric fireplace. Or, you could look for fireplace that connects to your home automation system.

While I do not recommend doing anything crazy, that might result in your fireplace turning on when you are at home. If it is already set up on the switch, you can swap it out for a smart switch like this one. This allows you to monitor it remotely using your smart home system.

Full Height Fireplaces

Whenever possible, take your fireplace all the way to the ceiling. This is a dramatic look that commands attention and makes it the star of the show!

We extended our super simple builder-grade fireplace to the ceiling with paint and molding. But, you could do the same with stone, tile, or even wallpaper!

How to use moulding to extend your fireplace - Charleston Crafted
How to use moulding to extend your fireplace to the ceiling

Multifunctional and Space-Efficient Designs

Multi functional home decor is still super popular, especially for people living in smaller homes. I think the fireplaces are automatically multi-functional as a heat source and a beautiful decorative focal point for your room.

But, you can take it a step further by turning your fireplace or mantle into a media center or even a room divider if the fireplace is so suited.

If you live in a small space, and have the pleasure of a fireplace, think about how you can really make it work for you and be both that beautiful decor and something functional for your home and family.

built in fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces

Finally, expect to keep seeing outdoor fireplaces in beautifully landscaped yards.

It’s still my life goal to have a large outdoor fireplace with a built-in pizza oven. Hey, a girl can dream!

But, you can do an outdoor fireplace even without a huge budget. There are kits to make it a doable DIY (we used the same brand kit for our fire pit in our old house!) Maybe in our future we will do one for you!

outdoor fireplace

Trending Materials in Fireplace Design

I wanted to separate out and also focus on some of the trending materials that I am seeing in fireplace design. Because, sometimes you can refresh and existing fireplace to feel more trendy simply by re-facing it with a new material!

Natural Stone

Natural stone is timeless, but it’s still a really popular choice for fireplaces at the moment. I’m sure you’ve seen slabs of stone like marble used as a fireplace surround – but now people are using it for the entire surface. This is a pricey project, but is truly stunning when finished!

marble slab fireplace

Frameless Fireplaces

Frameless fireplaces are linear in shape, with clean edges. They are glass-fronted, gas or electric fireplaces. The lack of a frame around the glass gives it a very sleek look.

I love these for modern style homes, and they are really amazing on fireplaces used as room dividers or in the center of a room.

frameless fireplace

Fluted Finishes

Fluted finish refers to a molding treatment using slim vertical molding boards to create a textured look. This is actually a doable DIY and a great way to update an existing fireplace to feel trendier.

Consider fluting just the fireplace surround or, for a bolder look, the entire wall.

fluted fireplace

Mantels with Diverse Materials

Let your mantel be the star of the show by choosing something ornate and unique. Consider bold colors, intricate designs, or unexpected materials to make a real statement.

This kind of plays back to the prior idea of customization and personalization. Check antique stores and resale shops for vintage items that inspire you – and craft a truly one of a kind fireplace!

vinatage fireplace

Fireplaces are such a fun home accent. If you are renovating your fireplace – consider leaning into one of these hot trends for the year!

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