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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

It is almost Father’s day and is it just me or is it so hard to find the perfect gift for a man? You want it to be thoughtful and useful. You also don’t want it to be so cheesy he never uses it. Our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019 is chock full of great, useful ideas for gifts for dad that he will absolutely love!

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Hammock – it’s Father’s Day and your dad wants to take a nap. Let him do it in a new comfy hammock!

Funny socks– what dad doesn’t like having Bob Ross painting on their socks?

Coffee club subscription– if you’re dad is a coffee drinker like all other dads, get him a subscription to a coffee club that will let him try new things each month.

Custom vintage travel poster – does dad still dream about your favorite location? Have it made into a custom vintage-looking poster! We have one of these from Just Go Travel Posters on the way for our guest room.

DIY project– build dad a custom outdoor grill cart to store all his accessories as he fires up the burgers this summer! Want to keep it more simple? Make him a construction paper card… even if you’re 35 yourself.

Father + child funny shirts – we love rocking our Regional Manager & Assistant to the Regional Manager matching shirts. This Etsy shop has a few other TV shows, too!

Grill– dad can’t use that new grill cart you build him without a grill to go with it!

A book of dad jokes– your dad could probably write his own book of dad jokes, but give him some help.

Watch– if you’re like my dad, his watchband is held together with glue, tape and a rubber band. Give him a nice new modern watch to tell the time.

Scotch glasses– I never knew how much a solid set of scotch glasses would change my life. Give him something he can really grip.

If you’re looking to make dad feel great this Father’s Day, these gifts can’t go wrong!

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