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The best daybeds for living rooms

Want to add a daybed to your living room? Here are the best day beds for living room!

I love the multi-functionality of a day bed. We have a daybed in our guest bedroom and it is such a great way to save floor space when we need to but have plenty of sleeping space when guests are visiting.

If you have a smaller home, a daybed can be a great addition to your living room. They are a great way to add multi-functionality to a smaller space without needing 2 pieces of furniture.

the best daybeds for living rooms

What is a daybed?

A daybed is a piece of furniture that pulls double duty as both a bed and a sofa. Typically they have 3 sides and an open long edge. This gives them the feel of both a head and footboard as well as a couch back.

Daybeds are great for sleeping as well as lounging and relaxing.

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How does a daybed work?

Daybeds work as both a bed and a couch by being mattress sized but having sides that, when combined with pillows, create a cozy place to sit and relax.

daybed in a green room

How to choose a daybed for your living room

There are a few factors to take into consideration before purchasing a daybed for your living room.

Understanding the purpose of your daybed

When choosing a daybed for your living room, you need to think about your intended use. Is it for occasional seating, lounging, guest accommodation, or a combination

Also, consider the size of your living room and the available space for the daybed.

Finally, think about your room’s aesthetic. Look at your existing decor and color scheme and think about what types of daybeds would coordinate the best.

Determining the right size and style

Daybeds typically come in twin, full, or queen sizes. Twin is the most common – though many daybeds pull or fold out to be larger to sleep on.

Think about how the bed will be used. If it will be slept on a lot, bigger might be better. If it will primarily be used as seating, a full or queen size might be awkwardly deep.

Style-wise, I always suggest picking a daybed that complements your existing living room decor. Whether your style is mid-century modern, bohemian, Scandinavian, or minimalist, there are daybeds for you!

daybed pulled out into king bed

Evaluating comfort and functionality

Comfort is another super important part of choosing a daybed. Mattress quality and firmness can make a big difference in comfortable seating and sleeping.

This can be super hard to assess when shopping online, which is when reading reviews is essential. I always suggest buying something that allows for free returns as well.

Don’t forget to consider the upholstery fabric, its durability, and ease of maintenance.

Finally, look for extra bonus features like built-in storage, adjustable backs, or removable cushions that enhance the daybed’s functionality. If you have a small space, these can be a huge bonus!

daybed in a green room

Assessing daybed materials and construction

Daybeds come in many different material options such as wood, metal, or upholstered frames. These materials make a difference in the look, and can change the quality of the piece.

This could effect the sturdiness and durability of the daybed’s construction, including the frame, slats, and support system.

Don’t forget to consider the weight capacity and overall stability of the daybed.

Practical Considerations

Here are a few more things to remember when buying a daybed!

  • It’s super important to measure your living room to ensure a proper fit.
  • Read reviews on the assembly process – it can be a beast.
  • Do you move a lot? Assess whether they daybed will be easy to move or have to be disassembled to get out the door.
  • Don’t forget that different accessories like throw pillows, blankets, or rugs can elevate the overall look and feel of the daybed.
pillows on a daybed

Daybed Inspiration

Here is a curated list of some of my favorite daybeds for living rooms!

The best daybeds for living rooms

Here are my favorite daybeds to use in a living room space!

Are you putting a daybed in your living room?

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