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Curtain Call!

Y’all might remember that when I first bought my condo, the master closets had sliding wooden doors. They looked sharp, but made it difficult to get to my clothing. No matter how you slid it, you still couldn’t really get to the stuff in the middle.


So, one of the first things I did after moving in was have Sean remove the doors. All we did was unscrew the hardware from the carpet & remove the doors from the tracks on the top of the frame.

The original plan was to re-hang the doors on hinges, just like normal doors. Unfortunately, upon further examination, we determined that, because the doors overlapped when they were sliding, they wouldn’t be able to hang on hinges & close all the way.

We talked about trimming the doors down, but decided that was a little out of our comfort zone.

Either way, I lived without closet doors for three months. Once we redid my closet systems using pieces from Ikea & some custom work, I knew that I wanted to make them look more polished.


Sean had the great idea for me to hang curtains instead of doors. This would conceal some of the organized chaos while still allowing me 100% access to my clothing. Recently, I was cruising a sale at & spotted these beauties. They were on sale ($9.99 each!!) so I ordered 2 to try out. It is worth noting that these were actually listed as shower curtains, but they are fabric so it didn’t matter to me.

Last Friday, while Sean was out of town, I got them in the mail & hung them in my closet. I used 60″ adjustable curtain rods from Lowes along with Allen & Roth Clip Rings.

The rods were very easy to install. All I had to do was drill holes in the wall & screw in the brackets.

closet curtain - charleston crafted

I used the drill (vrrrooom vrooooom power tools! Sean usually does all this so I had a blast doing the man parts.) to drill small holes in the wall & then screwed the brackets in using the drill. Unfortunately, the bracket made it slightly difficult to screw the screws in all the way, so I had to use the old fashioned screw driver for the last bit.

I hung the rod on the brackets just to give it a check.

closet curtain - charleston crafted

Then, I attached the curtain to the clippy hangers. Shower curtains come standard with 12 hook holes but these clips all came in packs of 10. I bought the clippy hangers to 1) add a little extra length to the curtain and 2) so I didn’t have to use the holes- I think this clips did a lot to make them look like curtains & not shower curtains! I just spaced the hooks out evenly over the curtain.

closet curtain - charleston crafted

Then I slid the whole thing on the rod.

closet curtain - charleston crafted


closet curtain - charleston crafted

I’m in love!!! I didn’t think these closets could get any better but my-oh-my! They perfectly conceal my unpainted closets (#lazy) & just make it look so nice! I can’t get over the delicate scallop of the pattern, either.

closet curtain - charleston crafted

closet curtain - charleston crafted

Heart, heart, heart.

closet curtain - charleston crafted

closet curtain - charleston crafted

If you’re keeping track, I also added a row of hooks to the back of my bathroom door. I’m trying to start planning my outfits the night before & this will help!

I am in love with my closet! But I’m still looking for a rug… I’m thinking white & fluffy!

How do you conceal your closets?