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The best craft room paint colors

Want to give your craft room a fresh coat of paint? Here are the best craft room paint colors with examples of real craft rooms!

Having a home with a craft room is such a luxury.

We recently converted our formal dining room into a home office slash craft room and it has just been so fun to have a dedicated space to work on projects that’s not the dining room table.

If you are also lucky enough to have a crafty space, you might want to give the room a little makeover to make it the perfect space to inspire your creativity.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, choosing the right paint color can significantly impact your mood, productivity, and overall crafting experience.

Let’s explore the world of craft room paint colors, discuss their effects, and provide real-life examples of craft rooms to inspire you.

the best craft room paint colors
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The Power of Color in Your Craft Room

According to color psychology, different colors evoke various emotions. The right paint color can create an atmosphere that complements your crafting style. Certain shades can enhance focus, stimulate creativity, and improve overall productivity.

Here are some commonly associated colors with their respective effects:


Blue is known as a calm and soothing color. It will help decrease stress and promote tranquility. It can also enhance focus!


Green is the color of nature and is often associated with harmony. It will give a space a sense of balance, which can enhance productivity. Green is also considered a calming and creative color.


Yellow is the color of happiness. It also brings a lot of optimism and can lift your mood. Yellow is a creative color that can inspire innovation. However, remember that too much yellow can be a lot.


Red is a super bold color that often is associated with passion and excitement. Red can stimulate creativity. Like yellow, too much red can be overwhelming and even stressful.


Purple is the color of royalty and is often associated with luxury and creativity. It can definitely inspire innovative thinking. Light shades of purple can be calming, similar to a light blue.

Color psychology aside, don’t forget your own personal aesthetic and style. Think about if you want your craft room to feel cohesive with the rest of your home or to pop out as it’s own certain style.

Craft rooms are in general a great place to get a little wild and have fun with color. It’s a creative space, after all!


Tips for Choosing the Right Craft Room Paint Color

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are picking your craft room paint color.

Consider Lighting

Understand how lighting conditions can affect the appearance of paint colors and choose accordingly.

First, decide whether your room has warm toned light or cool toned light.

  • South facing windows get natural warm toned lighting
  • North facing windows get less lighting that is cooler toned
  • LED light bulbs tend to read as cooler toned compared to traditional yellow toned bulbs

Warm lighting will make your paint color feel more warm. Cool lighting will make your paint color feel cooler.

This is especially apparent with colors that seem neutral – like a gray. They can suddenly look blue in cool light or beige in warm light.

It can also effect colors on either end of the spectrum. A very warm brown can actually look more neutral in cool lighting, for example.

painting scallop trim on a wall

Size Matters

Learn how to make the most of your craft room’s size by selecting colors that create an illusion of space or coziness, depending on your preference.

In general, light toned colors make a room feel larger and brighter.

Typically, darker colors make a room feel smaller.

However, I do like a dark wall color, especially in a large room with a lot of natural light. It can make the room feel less cavernous and more cozy!

Harmonious Combinations

I never suggest that you start designing your room around a paint color. Seriously – paint color options are nearly endless, but the rug you like? Only comes in 2 color ways.

Instead, pick fixtures that really inspire you. This could be textiles, furniture, art, or accessories. Then, pull a paint color from that item.

You might not want it to match exactly – the walls the same color as the rug is a bit much, for example – but could instead pick a color 2-3 shades lighter or darker. Or, choose an accent color in the fixture to make the main focus on the walls.

This is the easiest way to build a cohesive color palette for your craft room!

Must-Try Craft Room Paint Colors

Here is some inspiration for your craft room wall colors, whether you want bold colors or a soft neutral.

the best neutral craft room paint colors


Neutrals don’t have to be boring! Here are some favorites.

Timeless Shades

These timeless shades have a bit of color to them, but still feel timeless and work with a variety of home decor styles.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are a great option if you want a color with a bit more heft to it, that is still cozy and warm, and stays rather neutral.

Clean + Crisp

Love a white wall? It’s a great blank canvas for a craft room! Here are some favorites.

Pops of Color

Prefer color? Here are some bold colors to inspire your creativity!

the best bold craft room paint colors

Bold Blues

Blue is my favorite pop of color and generally universally appealing.

Ravishing Reds

Red is a lot for all of the walls – but can make for a dramatic accent wall!

Playful Pops

Want more color? Here are some super fun bright shades!

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Real-Life Craft Rooms: Inspiration

Here are some examples of real-life craft rooms with their paint colors!

Craft room paint colors

Here are some real life craft rooms with their paint colors listed!

Your craft room should be a place where inspiration flows freely, and your creativity knows no bounds. By selecting the right paint color, you can transform your craft room into a sanctuary of imagination and productivity.

Let your craft room’s color scheme reflect your personal style, enhance your mood, and elevate your crafting experience.

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