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Coastal Christmas: DIY Anchor Garland Holiday Wreath

Here’s how to make a Christmas anchor wreath with faux garland that is a perfect look for the holidays if you’re near the beach!

Happy December, y’all. Are you getting into the holiday spirit? We certainly are around here.

My theme for the last few years has been Coastal Christmas and I am excited to share a few new projects that fit that mold again this year.

Coastal Christmas: DIY Anchor Garland Holiday Wreath

DIY Christmas anchor garland wreath

A festive wreath is a holiday spirit. I decided to make one in the shape on an anchor! I couldn’t find a good mold that I liked, so I decided to create my own.

If you want to make one, you can follow these instructions and use a little creativity to make it your own!

Materials needed to make an anchor garland wreath

If you want to make an anchor wreath of your own, you will need:

Coastal Christmas: DIY Anchor Garland Holiday Wreath

Step one: create wire anchor

First, bend your wire to create the desired shape.

I used one long continuous piece to form a large anchor outline. Remember that it will be covered with garland, so you do not want any small or intricate details. Try to make it a large general shape of an anchor.

Coastal Christmas: DIY Anchor Garland Holiday Wreath

Step two: wrap garland

Next, place your garland over the shape. I ended up cutting 4 lengths – 2 pieces the height of the center line of my anchor, and one for each of the horizontal lines.

I used wire cutters to cut my garland and the twist ties to connect it to my wire in various spots. I love these twist ties that actually look like garland themselves, but any twist ties would do.

Step three: add ornaments

Finally, I added some small red ornaments to the greens. These were on my moss wreath for the past few years (which still hangs on the bedroom door) but add a little extra bit of festivity to this wreath, and could be taken off any time.

Step four: hang Christmas anchor garland

Since Sean is pretty set on keeping up the Panthers wreath on the front door, I hung this guy over the door to our AC unit.

It’s right over our kitchen table and Looks really nice beside our tree – which we will be sharing with you later this week!

Coastal Christmas: DIY Anchor Garland Holiday Wreath

Have you been crafting anything for the holidays lately?

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