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Pizza Inspired Salad

Y’all know we are all about the salads here. I love taking great food combinations and turning them into salads! Some of my favorite are BBQ chicken, Hawaiian Ham, and most recently the Hamburger Salad. It’s quite possible that my favorite meal is pizza. (Note the difference between favorite food and favorite meal. My favorite …

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Cheeseburger Salad

We made something really yummy the other night & I am so excited it share it with y’all. I love naughty foods, but I also really love salads. Any time I can combine the two is win-win for me. The beauty in this salad is that you still get all the good stuff – but …

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Thanksgiving Salad

Thanksgiving food is great, but sometimes the holidays can get a little overwhelming for your waist line. Between parties, family get togethers, and work luncheons, that’s a lot of meat & potatoes. And don’t get me wrong – I love to eat. But sometimes, I get feeling a little full of heavy meals. If you’re …

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