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5 Reasons that you NEED bench seating in your dining room

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One of the biggest questions that we get about the dining room table that Sean built is how do we like the bench seating (which he also built!) The answer is simple: we LOVE having bench seating in the dining room and think that you need it too! There are so many benefits compared to having regular chairs all around the table. I am here today to sell you on benches!

5 reasons that you need bench seating at your dining room table - Charleston Crafted

  1. They slide all the way under the table – You can get the benches 100% out of the way by scooting them under the table, unlike chairs with backs which would always stick out at least a little bit.
  2. You can squeeze in an extra butt without needing an extra chair – Our benches can comfortably sit 2 people on each side when we just have another couple over for dinner, and can squeeze to fit up to four for a big party like our Christmas dinner. There are no empty chairs or bringing in seats from another room. It just cuts out one extra planning step!
  3. They take up less visual room – this was honestly the biggest reason that I went with benches. Our dining room is a pass through space and I didn’t want chairs blocking the view of the lake through the windows on the back of the house. Benches have a low profile and don’t block any view. Plus, the lines subconsciously guide people’s eyes toward the sunroom windows and the lake.
  4. They are custom and match – We were able to build these benches to the exact size we wanted and didn’t have to fit anything else around them. They are visually appealing because they match the table perfectly. Plus they add to the rustic look we were going for.
  5. They bring people together – Individual chairs make it seem like you are by yourself, but benches allow you to shift around and engage with your friends and family. The dinner table is all about bringing people together, and a bench will do that for you.

So, do tell, what do you think of benches in the dining room?

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