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I made an offer on my condo, sight unseen, in 2012 when I was 22 years old. I had previously made an offer on another unit in the same complex & was outbid, even though I offered more than the asking price. My condo was on the market for less than 12 hours before it had 4 offers on it. I was lucky to have a smart, aggressive realtor with good connections in the area. After waiting for 3 days, I found out that they had accepted my offer.

condo floor plan

It was a short sale, so it took a while for everything to get situated. We ended up closing in September (4 months after making the initial offer) but I was unable to move in until the renter vacated in October. Once I finally got into my condo, I was so incredibly happy! I was lucky to get such a clean & well kept unit & I loved every day as I slowly made it more & more my own!


kitchen 2



Click here for a full evolution tour of the kitchen!


Living Room:

living room 3

living room 2


Click here for a full tour of the living room!


Dining Room:

dining room

Click here for the full transformation of the dining room!


Master Bedroom:


master 3


Click here for the full evolution of the master bedroom!

Guest Room:

guest room


Click here for a full tour of the Guest Bedroom!


Guest Bath:
guest bath

Click here for a full tour of the Guest Bathroom!


Laundry Area:

Laundry Closet Before

Painting a Laundry Room Pink - Charleston Crafted

Overhaul the Laundry Room - Charleston Crafted

Click here to see the final laundry room!


Hall Closet:

Hall Closet Before


An Organized Craft Closet - Charleston Crafted

Click here to see the final hall closet!

Screened Porch:


Building a Work Station - Charleston Crafted

Click here for a full evolution of the screened porch!

We absolutely loved living in Mr. Condo and had a great time making him ours. On to the house!

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  1. Wow you’ve got a LOT to do! I’m jealous though bc I would love to do this with my apt, but I’m slightly more temporary there. Seriously let me know if you need help! I’ve gotten into the diy/artsy mood 🙂

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