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The biggest Winter home decor trends for 2022

Want to decorate your home this Winter? Here are the biggest winter home decor trends this year!

Winter is a weird season to decorate for. So much of winter is over-shown by Christmas and the holidays,

But, there is something to be said for winter interior design. Cozy winter decor is just… comfortable.

If you are trapped inside during the cold weather, you want to have a living room and a bed room that you love.

Here are some decor ideas for this winter based on popular trends!

When should you start decorating for winter?

Winter is a hard season to decorate for and that’s because of holiday decorating taking over!

I usually say that Christmas decorations shouldn’t go up until after Thanksgiving. Sorry, I’m old fashioned!

On the other hand, I like to take Christmas decor down immediately after the holiday and replace it with winter decor. So, that would be the end of December or very beginning of January.

If you don’t decorate for Christmas, you can start with winter decorating in December!

Here are some of this year’s biggest fall interior design trends!

winter home decor trends

Winter Home Decor Trends

Here are the best winter design trends to get in on this year!

Cozy ambiance

Winter is all about getting comfortable and cozy. How does that translate into your home? The same as it does in your clothing – with lots of layers.

Consider cutting down on the number of colors or patterns in your space and instead layering tone-on-tone textures for a cozy, lived in look.

Layer multiple rugs (jute or neutral grass rugs look great for bottom layers here). Hang curtains over blinds. And please, please, pile on the pillows and throw blankets.

Natural elements

Winter is a time of beauty in nature. Bring some of that nature indoors as a way to incorporate more neutral texture into your space.

This could include decorating with branches, unfinished wood furniture, or accenting with natural stone accessories. This natural accents are a great way to add interest to your room!

Matte metallics

Glam is in on the runway for winter and will be making appearances in home decor, too.

However, tone down on the glitter and look for more matte metallics. You can update old decor with a matte metallic (think champagne bronze or a warm brass) spray paint.

Earth tones

Earth tones are here to stay and perfect for winter. These are deeper shades of maroon, earthy green, rich browns. Even mauves are on trend!

You can use dark earth tones for small accents in a more neutral space or go bold and paint an entire room – even the ceiling!

Knit + quilted materials

Knit and quilted materials feel instantly winter-y and there was a lot of quilted elements on the winter runway. These are easy to bring in with pillows and throw blankets as a way to make the space feel layered and cozy, too.

Light colored leather

If you use leather, consider adding some lighter leather elements. It doesn’t have to be a whole couch. Even just a basket with a leather pull or a pillow with leather piping can bring in that accent without feeling overwhelming.

What is your favorite winter room decor?

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