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The best Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Have an ant infestation in your home? Here are the best ways to get rid of ants! Say goodbye to pesky ants and reclaim your home!

When we bought our new house, we quickly realized that we had a pretty major ant infestation. Luckily, they are just small black ants and not big fire ants or anything, but they are still very pesky.

We inherited a very neglected yard, and the over grown grass (and spots of no grass) needed to be cleared. There were tons and tons of ant hills and it was just, in general, a mess.

We tried a lot of methods to get rid of ants. Some worked, some did not. Today we have rounded up for you the three best ways to get rid of ants!

the best ways to get rid of ants

Understanding the Ant Problem

It’s important to assess your ant problem and try to determine the species of ant infesting your yard. This will help you to best select a method to get rid of them.

All ants can be annoying, but some can bite or cause bigger problems. While ants outside might be a good thing, generally you don’t want them coming indoors in the masses.

So, you will need to treat to get rid of the ants and prevent them from coming back.

Our Tried and Tested Methods of Ant Removal

Here are 3 products that we have tried and had success with getting rid of our ants:

Powder-based Ant Poison

The first thing that we tried to get rid of the ants was a powder based ant poison – Over N Out.

The powder claims that it kills ants within 15 minutes.

We did not see immediate results from it like we thought that we would.

However, we do feel like it helped to knock down the population a little bit. However, there were still a ton of ants.

Ant and Roach Spray

The next product that we have been using is an ant and roach spray.

We got this so that we could spray it directly on anthills or spots where we see lots of them.

It is supposed to kill on contact and is extremely effective when you have a visible ant hill.

The problem is that you can’t really spray the entire yard but it is great for concentrated areas and if you specifically know where the ants are coming from.

Ant Traps

The final and most long term ant removal product that we used were ant traps.

These traps have a poison that worker ants get on their legs by entering the trap and then take back to the hill to infest the whole swarm.

It’s pretty gross to see all of the ants crawling all over it, but I think that means that they are working!

The traps say they take about 2 weeks to effectively poison the population, and we are one week in and so far so good.

Natural or Homemade Remedies

If you prefer not to use chemicals, here are some natural remedies for ants:

  • White Vinegar – disrupts ants’ scent trails and repels them
  • Citrus Peels and Essential Oils – the strong scent of citrus that repels ants
  • Diatomaceous Earth – affects ants’ exoskeleton
  • Natural Ant Baits – homemade ant bait recipes using sugar or borax
  • Sealing Entry Points and Removing Attractants
  • Plant-Based Repellents – e.g., mint, lavender

Preventing Future Infestations

To prevent future infestations:

  • never leave out crumbs or food scraps
  • seal up entry points
  • store food properly
  • eliminate their water sources

Seeking Professional Pest Control

Severe or persistent infestations may require professional pest control services.

The benefit of hiring a professional is that they should know what they are doing and be able to get rid of the ants quickly.

The negative is obviously cost and having to wait depending on their schedule.

If you have a big pest problem, it might be worth investing in quarterly preventative pest control to get it under control!

While we are not yet ant free, we feel much better having them in check. Of course, finally getting the lawn mowed and keeping it up will also be a huge help. I hope that if you are struggling with how to get rid of an ant infestation, these products will help!

This was not a sponsored post. We bought the products based on recommendations and put them to use ourselves and just wanted to share!

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Tuesday 19th of July 2016

Our house has an ant problem too. We have kids, so I looked into natural solutions to get rid of ants. You can make solutions with peppermint and tea tree oil and spray the area. I found that Honest Company's bathroom cleaner has the same essential oils and is safer to use with kids around, so I spray that one. I also use Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap diluted with water as a spray to rid ants as well. I'm just putting it out there since I don't like spraying poison near where the baby crawls and walks.


Tuesday 19th of July 2016

Thanks so much! I love this idea especially as a more long term solution. We don't have kids but were worried about keeping the pets away from the poison. I'm off to research essential oils now! :) Thanks for reading.

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