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The Low Hanging… Bread Basket?

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Part of moving from one place to another is that some things don’t fit or work the way they did at the first place. This week, we came across a basket that Morgan had that used to hang in the cabinet from the shelf that was an additional shelf for tupperware.

The basket didn’t work in the new cabinets because they have a piece of wood down the middle that prevents us from sliding it on. So, we came up with another idea- turn it into a hanging bread basket.

There was a perfect spot under one of the cupboards. I found some hooks in the toolbox that weren’t being used and measured the space to fit the basket under the cupboard. Then I drilled some holes and screwed them in.

You can buy the basket that we used here

Drilling to Hang Basket- Charleston Crafted
Hanging a Bread Basket-Charleston Crafted

It looked good, but since the prongs didn’t go all the way to the back of the basket, when you put some bread in the back, it drooped. In order to fix that, I attached a mini Command hook to the wall and clipped in the back of the basket.

Hanging a Bread Basket - Charleston Crafted

It turned out great! Now the bread has a great home that is out of the way!

Hanging a Bread Basket - Charleston Crafted
Hanging a Bread Basket - Charleston Crafted

Have you repurposed items when moving from place to place?

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