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Summer Mantel Decor Ideas

Want to decorate your fireplace for the summer season? Here are a ton of summer mantel decor ideas to inspire you!

I love mixing up decor for different seasons and holidays. After a long season of holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter) summer can feel a bit boring for decor.

But, it doesn’t have to be! There are tons of ways to decorate your home for summer.

Since a fireplace is a natural focal point for the living room, it’s a great place to add seasonal decor.

Let’s talk about my favorite ways to decorate your mantel for Summer and see some examples of real summer mantel ideas!

summer mantel decor ideas

Elements of Summer Mantel Decor

There are lots of ways to decorate for summer! Here are some elements that can give your space that season vibe.

1. Color Scheme

First, pick a color scheme. Ideally it will be cohesive with your home. But, if your walls are neutral, you really have the opportunity to pick a fun, bold color!

Summer colors might include:

  • Sunny Yellow and Sky Blue
  • Coral and Mint Green
  • Lavender and Soft White
  • Teal and Bright Orange
  • Navy Blue and Crisp White

If your room is otherwise neutral, consider repeating these colors with throw pillows or simple decor around the room so it feels really intentional!

chocolate bunnies on the mantel

2. Natural Elements

I love decorating with natural elements as a way to bring in texture without bringing in too many colors.

Summery natural elements can include:

  • driftwood or branches
  • unfinished wood
  • baskets or woven materials
  • seashells
  • fresh flowers and greenery
Driftwood Sailboat Coastal Mantel via Charleston Crafted

3. Artwork and Mirrors

I always love adding art to a mantel. Something large – like a piece of framed art – makes a great centerpiece.

Consider swapping out your art for something summery. Or, add a large mirror – which reflects light and helps the space to feel light and bright!

Finally, a large wreath can be a great centerpiece. Think of something floral for summer!

Spring Floral Azalea Mantel via Charleston Crafted

4. Seasonal Accents

Small, interchangeable accents like themed candles, vases, or picture frames can easily be updated and swapped out seasonally.

Here are some ideas for summer mantel accent decor:


  • Features elements like seashells, driftwood, and shades of blue glass and sand
  • Ideal for creating a relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere in your home.

Colorful Florals:

  • Stick to bright, vibrant flowers, either real or artificial, to add a pop of color.
  • Greenery can be cut from outdoors and put in vases – look for something super lush!
  • Floral garlands or vases filled with summer blooms can instantly brighten the space.


  • Incorporate a red, white, and blue color palette, along with flags, stars, and stripes.
  • Perfect for celebrating summer holidays like Independence Day and Memorial day.

Neutral Textures:

  • Stick to materials such as linen, burlap, and raw wood for a subtle texture.
  • This aesthetic is all about creating calmness and warmth through simplicity and texture instead of bright colors.

Tropical Paradise:

  • Bring in lush greenery, exotic flowers, and fruit-themed accents to create a vibrant, island-inspired vibe.
  • Think palm leaves, pineapple decorations, and bright, tropical colors.

Modern Minimalist:

  • Focus on clean lines, minimal decor items, and a monochromatic color scheme.
  • Perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and understated elegance.

Vintage Charm:

  • Incorporate antique finds, vintage artwork, and retro color schemes to create a nostalgic feel.
  • Ideal for adding a sense of history and charm to your mantel decor.
  • Usually pairs best with neutral color scheme and up to 1 bolder color!


  • Mimic the beauty of a summer garden with floral prints, garden tools as decor, and lots of greenery.
  • It’s about bringing the outdoors in and can include elements like terracotta pots and hanging plants.
  • Floral garlands or vases filled with summer blooms can instantly brighten the space.

Whatever you do, try not to overcrowd the mantel to maintain a fresh and airy feel!

Builder grade fireplace surround and mantel before removal

Summer Mantel Decor Ideas

Here are a ton of real life summer mantels to inspire you!

Summer Mantel Decor Ideas

Check out all of these DIY ideas for decorating your mantel for summer!

How are you decorating your mantel this summer?!

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