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Replacing a Door Ball Stop

Well, the laundry doors at the new condo wouldn’t stay closed. Straight up. After quick investigation, I noticed that the ball stop was missing from both the doors. there was still a brass casing in the door and a housing in the door frame, but no ball. So the door didn’t stay shut.


    So I went out and bought two more for $12 at Lowe’s. Installation was pretty simple.


First, pull out the old casing. Then just put the new piece into the pre-drilled hole (if you’re putting in a ball stop for the first time on a door, you may have to drill out your hole first) and screw into place.


Your old housing should work, but if it doesn’t, simply unscrew those and drill in your new ones.


Of course, like most home improvement projects, this one just simply couldn’t go right the first time. After easily getting the left door done, I found out the right door was set higher and when I put in the ball stop, it rested too high and the door wasn’t closed. Well, after searching my brain and remembering this post from Young House Love, I decided to shave down the area of the door where the ball stop needed to rest. First, use the drill to drill some shallow holes in a square. Then use the drill to shave out that area.

Shaving a door down - Charleston Crafted

I also used a file on a multi-tool to then more precisely cut away all the extra pieces.

Shaving a door down - Charleston Crafted

Then I was able to get the ball stop in properly.


TADA! Simple as that. What little projects are you doing around your house?