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Why Quartz Countertops Are So Much Better Than Granite: A Comprehensive Comparison

Trying to pick the perfect counters for your kitchen? Here’s why Quartz Countertops Are So Much Better Than Granite & why we used them in our kitchen renovation!

We are in the middle of a kitchen renovation, and when we shared that we were removing the existing granite countertops and replacing them with quartz – I was shocked at the response.

TONS of people jumped on to tell us that we made a mistake and how dare we remove the beautiful granite.

Now, I want to preface this with – like what you like and design your home how you prefer. But I was under the impression that it was well accepted that granite countertops were very out of style.

I actually found this article where realtors discussed their buyers finding granite countertops dated – as far back as 2017!

In fact, when we first visited this home in 2020, our realtor preemptively apologized to us about the kitchen – and said that though it was only 5 years old it felt very dated.

So, I wanted to take a beat today and chat about quartz vs granite countertops and the pros and cons of each – and why we thing quartz counters are the way to go.

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What are quartz countertops?

Quartz is an engineered stone made from quartz crystals, resin, and pigments. It’s about 95% natural stone held together with resin and is a completely man made material.

Because they are manmade, quartz countertops are consistent, replicable, and come in tons of colors and designs. Plus, they were engineered to be super durable and low maintenance.

Pros of quartz

  • No maintenance needed, no sealing needed
  • Non-porous – will not absorb stains
  • Durable – unlikely to chip or scratch
  • Generally neutral in tone
  • Comes in many colors
  • Since it is man-made, it is consistent and you can get the same slab many times over

Cons of quartz

  • Less heat resistant (only up to 150 degrees)
  • Not suitable for outdoor use (can be damaged by UV rays)
  • Generally slightly more expensive compared to granite

What are granite countertops?

Granite is a totally natural stone, pulled from the earth. Because of this, each slab is totally unique. The options are limited to what is naturally occurring – and they often have to be shipped a long way from the source to your showroom.

kitchen with granite counters

Pros of granite

  • Natural beauty – it’s a real stone so no two slabs are just alike
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable – unlikely to chip or scratch
  • Eco-friendly – doesn’t use chemicals to manufacture
painted tile backsplash

Cons of granite

  • Is porous – can absorb stains
  • Needs to be sealed once a year to protect the surface
  • Limited colors and designs – limited to what occurs in nature and is available
  • Specific color tones that can clash with a lot of decor

Why Quartz Countertops Are So Much Better Than Granite?

Here are the top reasons that we suggest you pick quartz over granite counters:


Quartz has a cleaner, brighter look compared to granite. It is more likely to make your kitchen feel lighter, brighter, and larger. Granite patterns have a ton going on and are usually much darker.


Quartz is harder than granite and therefore considered less likely to scratch, chip, or break.


Granite is porous and can absorb dark stains. You can seal the stone, but Quartz is non-porous and will not absorb stains, even without a sealant.

Environmental Impact

Granite is a natural stone that has to be mined, often somewhere continents away from where you live. It then has to be shipped very long distances to get to your stone yard. Both of these things have adverse environmental impacts.

Quartz, on the other hand, is manmade and often regionally-manufactured, cutting down on the resources needed to get it to you.

Resale Value

While appearances are a matter of taste, the general consensus from many realtors and buyers is that granite counter tops are dated. Adding them to your home could make the space feel more dated, and therefore less valuable.

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