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Put to the test: Dollar store brand Magic Erasers

I have always wanted to try a magic eraser, but am way too cheap! That’s why, when I was at the dollar store this weekend and saw this six pack of generic magic erasers for just $1, I got really excited!

Dollar Store Magic Erasers

I decided to put it to the test on three spots in my condo that I couldn’t get clean with just soap and water:

Dollar Store Magic Erasers

1) My vanity stool- this stool has a white faux leather seat. Its a bit scuffed up and dirty. I scrubbed it with the eraser and got off everything except one mark (I think it’s sharpie.) It looks so much better!

2) A scuff on my floorboards- I couldn’t get this scuff off with a regular sponge, but it came off very easily with the magic eraser!

3) My toaster oven- this toaster is gross and I’m hoping to get a new one ASAP, but anything I can do in the meantime helps. Once I set a tortilla wrapper on top and it melted to the oven. Oops! This was the hardest thing to get off, I had to really scrub, but it came off! Some of the paint did, too, though.

These erasers worked fabulously, I was very happy with them. Though I have never used actual magic erasers, I am confident that these worked just as well!

Have you tried any new cleaning products lately?


Allyson @

Friday 16th of November 2012

Idk....the real magic erasers work wonders! Sometimes I buy discount ones (even the ME brand still) at Big Lots, and I still notice they don't work as well. I would give the real thing a try and compare!

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