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My (Future) Avocado Forest

You know what’s delicious? Avocado. It’s delicious on salads, sandwiches, tacos, anything! Did you know that you can actually grow an avocado plant from the fruit’s pit? It’s super easy and the best part is that you don’t have to remember to water it!

The first thing that you need is the pit of an avocado. Maybe whip up these tacos or a cobb salad and save the seed. Rinse it off and set it out to dry for a day or two.

Now, gather the remainder of your supplies. You will need a wide mouth jar (I used a salsa jar) and three toothpicks.

Hold it with the fat end down. Gently push a toothpick into the seed. Repeat with two more toothpicks evenly spaced around the seed.

Suspend the seed over the mouth of the jar. Fill with water and keep wet. Place in the sun and change the water every few days.

It will take a while, but soon you will have a big fat root  bust out the bottom of the seed.

How to Grow an Avocado - Charleston Crafted

Then, after a few weeks, a stem will grow! Let it grow about six inches tall and then clip the top half of off. Or, in my case, let your cat knock it over and break it off (he only wanted to help.)

Once the stem grows back and grows a leaf, you can plant it in soil! Water it a lot and keep it in the sun.

How to Grow an Avocado - Charleston Crafted

You are ready to grow avocados! It will take….. 7 to 15 years for it to start producing fruit. Yeah, I know. Sean is rolling his eyes, too.

But it’s pretty cool and I’ve had great success already- who know what will end up happening!

Have you ever grown an avocado? Did you get any fruit or just quit?

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