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Monthly Garden & Yard Care Checklist – free printable!

Want to get your yard in shape? Check out our Monthly Garden & Yard Care Checklist with lawn care guide by month!

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy outdoor space requires regular attention and care.

By following this comprehensive lawn and garden maintenance checklist, you can stay on top of essential tasks and ensure that your garden and lawn flourish all year round.

Let’s dive into the month-by-month guide to keeping your outdoor oasis in pristine condition.

Click here to download the free printable Monthly Garden & Yard Care Checklist!

Monthly Garden & Yard Care Checklist - free printable!

Month-by-Month Garden and Lawn Care Checklist

Here is a simple checklist of monthly yard maintenance to do all year long.

Click here to download the free printable Month by Month Lawn Care Calendar!


  • Evaluate your garden and lawn’s condition after the winter season.
  • Prune deciduous trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth.
  • Plan your garden layout for the upcoming growing season.
  • Start seeds indoors for plants that require a longer growing season.
  • Prepare and enrich the soil for spring planting.
Front of yard before


  • Continue starting seeds indoors.
  • Apply a layer of compost to your garden beds.
  • Inspect and repair any garden structures, such as trellises or fences.
  • Prune roses and other spring-blooming shrubs.
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  • Begin planting cool-season vegetables and flowers.
  • Remove winter mulch from garden beds.
  • Divide and transplant perennials as needed.
  • Clean out garden beds and remove any debris.
  • Start mowing the lawn regularly as the grass starts to grow.
adding mulch to the Front yard flower bed


  • Continue planting cool-season crops and flowers.
  • Apply organic fertilizers to garden beds.
  • Monitor for pests and take appropriate measures.
  • Start removing weeds from garden beds and lawn.
  • Gradually raise the lawn mower height for the growing season.
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  • Plant warm-season annuals and vegetables.
  • Install supports for climbing plants.
  • Water regularly, especially during dry spells.
  • Apply mulch around plants to conserve moisture.
  • Monitor for signs of disease or insect damage.
DIY tomato cages in raised bed


  • Harvest early-season crops.
  • Deadhead flowers to encourage continuous blooming.
  • Prune fruit trees for shape and to remove diseased or damaged branches.
  • Monitor for weeds and use appropriate control methods.
  • Adjust lawn watering schedule for hotter temperatures.
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  • Continue harvesting crops and herbs.
  • Water deeply in the early morning or late evening.
  • Apply a slow-release fertilizer to garden beds.
  • Monitor plants for signs of heat stress or disease.
  • Regularly mow the lawn and water as needed.
rain barrel filling a watering can


  • Harvest and preserve summer crops.
  • Deadhead flowers and prune overgrown plants.
  • Check for signs of pests and treat if necessary.
  • Apply organic matter or compost to rejuvenate the soil.
  • Reduce lawn watering as temperatures begin to cool.
green grass in the backyard


  • Plant fall vegetables and cool-season flowers.
  • Collect and save seeds from your favorite plants.
  • Divide and transplant perennials as needed.
  • Trim back overgrown hedges and shrubs.
  • Aerate and overseed the lawn to promote healthy growth.
fertilize grass


  • Harvest remaining vegetables and herbs before frost arrives.
  • Clean up fallen leaves and debris from garden beds and lawn.
  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs for a burst of color in the upcoming season.
  • Cut back and divide perennials as needed.
  • Apply a layer of mulch to protect plants from winter cold.
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  • Prepare your garden for winter by clearing out remaining annuals.
  • Prune dormant trees and shrubs, removing any dead or damaged branches.
  • Clean and store garden tools and equipment.
  • Protect tender plants from frost with frost covers or move them indoors.
  • Keep the lawn free from fallen leaves and continue mowing as needed.
Front yard flower bed before


  • Continue monitoring and protecting plants from cold weather.
  • Check for signs of pests and diseases on indoor plants.
  • Plan your garden for the upcoming year, including crop rotations and new additions.
  • Use winter downtime to research new gardening techniques or designs.
  • Enjoy the holiday season by decorating your outdoor space with festive lights or ornaments.

Maintaining a thriving garden and lawn requires consistent care throughout the year.

By following this monthly garden and lawn care checklist, you can ensure that your outdoor space remains vibrant, healthy, and visually appealing.

Remember, adapting the tasks to your specific climate and region is essential for optimal results.

Stay committed to the maintenance of your outdoor oasis, and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful and inviting space for years to come. Happy gardening!

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