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How to make + hang cardboard reindeer wall hangings

Want to add a festive, whimsical touch to your Christmas decor? Here’s how to make + hang cardboard reindeer wall hangings!

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I have been having so much fun decorating the different areas of our home for Christmas.

One space that is super fun to decorate is the kids’ space! In this instance, I am decorating the loft – a small area outside the 2 kids bedrooms that they use to play with toys.

Cardboard reindeer wall display

The walls in this space are white, which gives me a lot of room to decorate seasonally. I decided to hang cardboard + stick reindeer heads on the wall.

The kids love them and I just love how easy they were to make – and hang!

How to make cardboard reindeer wall hangings

How to make cardboard reindeer wall hangings

Supplies needed:

Reindeer head template

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Steps to make:

STEP 1: Trace your template

Print your template out and cut the reindeer out of the paper. Trace onto cardboard with a pen.

printed and cut reindeer head template

STEP 2: Cut the cardboard

Use scissors to cut along the traced pattern. Repeat for as many reindeer as you want. But, if you want to be accurate to the lore of the Christmas reindeer, you’ll need 8.

cutting out reindeer head from cardboard

STEP 3: Paint accents

Use a paint pen to add eyes, a nose, mouth, and any other accents. I used a gold paint pen to add freckles or fur to each head.

STEP 4: Add hooks

Use hot glue to attach a level hanging hook to the upper back portion of each reindeer.

hot gluing hooks to the back of cardboard reindeer

STEP 5: Add antlers

Sort the sticks into matching pairs. You may need to break them to get a good looking set.

Use hot glue to attach sticks as antlers. Hold in place for about 60 seconds for the glue to initially set. Once both are in place, let dry completely before hanging.

hot gluing antlers to cardboard reindeer
Cardboard reindeer wall display

How to mount cardboard reindeer wall hangings

I previously have tried to hang these cardboard reindeer using command strips. They did not hold well. The sticks make them just a bit too heavy for the sticky strips to hold up.

This year, I decided to mount them using the Low Damage Wall Hanging Hardware Kit from National Hardware.

National Hardware Low Damage Wall Hanging Kit

This kit includes both J-hooks and Push & Hang hooks. Each hook holds up to 10 pounds and only makes one small hole the size of a thumbtack hole in the wall. That’s a great option when we aren’t going to leave them up all year long.

To hang the J hooks, mark the spot on the wall where you want your reindeer to hang. Use the Thumb Saver (included in the kit) to make a small hole in that spot.

Then, insert the straight end of the J hook into the wall. Push until it is in the wall up to the bend.

To hang a push & hang hook, simply push it into the wall using your thumb. No tools necessary!

These hooks both slide into the drywall very easily and leave small holes that aren’t very noticeable when they are removed.

Hang your reindeer from the hook. Repeat!

Cardboard reindeer wall display

These reindeer are SO cute and were so easy to hang using the Low Damage Wall Hanging Hardware Kit from National Hardware!

Any questions about my reindeer wall hangings?

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