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How to display seashells

Sea shells are a very popular souvenir – they are free, they are plentiful, and they are beautiful! However, if you have ever brought a big bag of sea shells home from a beach vacation, you might have realized that they just sat and sat. There are lots of things that you can do with sea shells. There are many ways to display them and use them in crafts and projects. Here are my favorite ways to display sea shells!

How to display sea shells

How to display seashells

Seashell Display Shelf - Charleston Crafted

  1. In jarsapothecary jars are a big favorite because of their beautiful lids, but any kind of clear jar is a great way to display a large number of shells at once.

    How to Frame Sea Shells - Charleston Crafted

  2. Framed together – sea shells are a part of nature, and it’s cool to add them to a frame in a pattern or layout that mimics nature. I love how this flock of butterfly shells turned out!
  3. Framed as singles – really special sea shells deserve their chance to shine! For example, a single sand dollar or star fish can have a big impact!
  4. On a frame – Have lots of photo souvenirs from that beach vacation? It’s so easy to make a DIY sea shell photo frame – all you need is a frame, hot glue, and shells! If you have a variety of shells, you can make a whole gallery wall like we did!
  5. In a shadow box – fill a shadowbox just as you would a jar for a really big impact, and a great way to use a ton of shells! You can display them by type or by vacation!

    Christmas Tree Ornaments - Charleston Crafted

  6. In an ornament – clear glass ornaments are the perfect place to display special sand or sea shells. They also make a great Christmas gifts! Here’s how we made sea shell ornaments.

What is your favorite way to display sea shells?

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Person Johnson

Wednesday 26th of February 2020

This didn’t particularly help me, as I cannot see a good a amount of ideas for a display. Perhaps I’m missing something. Thank you for trying,though!


Wednesday 26th of February 2020

Well it worked out well for us! You'd obviously need to have a lot of shells and a vision for how to use them. Good luck.

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