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How to make a quick & easy felt ball garland

Want to add a colorful felt ball garland to your holiday or home decor? Here is the easiest way to make one yourself!

I am really loving decorating with bold colors in Luke’s room.

We recently hung a felt leaf garland over his crib, but being across from the extremely colorful mural, the green on green felt a little boring.

felt leaf and ball pom pom garland

I decided to add a pop of color along the ribbon of the garland – in the form of a DIY pom pom garland!

Pom pom garlands are just pops of fun and color. I was excited to make one using felt pom poms in a rainbow of colors.

felt ball garland

What type of pom poms do you use for a felt ball garland?

For this project, I didn’t use regular craft store pom poms but felt pom pom balls.

These balls are made from wool felt and come in a variety of colors. This is the exact pack that I used.

If you want to make your own felt balls from roving, you can absolutely do that. Because I wanted a rainbow of colors, it made more sense for me to buy them.

If you want just one or two colors, you can definitely try making them from scratch!

felt pom pom balls

How to make felt balls from roving

To make roving into felt ball pom poms, you do wet felting.

Dip the roving into warm, dish soapy water and then form it into a ball.

Allow it to dry fully before stringing into a garland.

Read more about that process here!

How to make felt balls from yarn or felt

You can also do wet felting using wool felt or wool yarn. Yarn and felt are basically roving that’s been manipulated into a shape.

You will just have to work harder to break it up when warm and wet before shaping into a ball.

how to make a quick and easy felt ball garland

Why can’t I use craft store pom poms?

This is important to note because regular pom poms won’t work for this. They need to have a solid core that can be pierced wit a needle and not pull off the string.

felt ball pom pom garland

What type of string do you use for a felt ball garland?

You can use a variety of string types. However, since I planned to space my pom poms out, I wanted a pretty, color coordinated string.

Baker’s twine comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for stringing up felt pom pom ball garlands of any size!

how to make a felt ball garland

How to make a felt ball garland


felt ball pom poms

Steps to make a felt ball garland:

STEP 1: Select your balls

If you get a variety pack of felt balls like I did, you might have a big variety of colors.

Go ahead and go through the selection and identify which you want to use.

I sorted mine by color family so I could have an alternating pattern – even if the colors were not exact matches.

what needle to use for felt ball garland

STEP 2: Set up your needle & thread

If you have a set length you want the garland to be, you can go ahead and cut it.

Otherwise, just leave the thread on the spool and thread the loose end of the string onto your needle.

thread needle through felt ball pom pom

STEP 3: Pierce the felt balls

Drive the needle through the center of each ball and then pull it down the length of the string.

spaced out felt pom pom garland

STEP 4: Arrange your pom poms

A great thing about felt pom poms is that they are not loose on the string like beads. They hold very tightly in place.

So, you can either have the beads very close together or space them apart. They will stay wherever you place them!

felt ball garland

If you have a set length of string to fill, I suggest stringing all of the pom poms and then spacing them out evenly.

If you prefer a certain spacing, then position the pom poms as you go!

felt ball garland on felt leaf garland

STEP 5: Finish off the garland

If you want, you can simply tie a double knot on each end of the garland to keep the pom poms from being pulled off.

I tied a small loop on each end to make it easier to hang them from nails on the wall.

Enjoy your pom pom garland! It’s so addicting – I am planning to make them for every color scheme and holiday now!

how to make a quick and easy felt ball garland
Yield: 1 felt ball garland

How to make a quick & easy felt ball garland

Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10-50

Felt ball garlands are a beautiful way to add color to your home or holiday decor. Here's the easiest way to make one!


  • Felt pom poms
  • Baker's twine


  • Scissors
  • Large eye sewing needle


  1. Arrange your pom poms by color or size and pre-plan your pattern felt ball pom poms
  2. Cut the desired length of string. Thread your needle onto the end of the string what needle to use for felt ball garland
  3. Thread the needle through the center of the felt ball thread needle through felt ball pom pom
  4. Place the ball where you want it on the garland - they can be flush together or with spacing spacing of felt ball pom poms
  5. Repeat to finish felt ball garland
  6. Tie a knot or loop on each end to finish felt ball garland on wall

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Video tutorial:

Be sure to check out the whole video tutorial!

how to make a felt pom pom ball garland clicker

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Amazingly beautiful! I love this cute diy. Thank you for sharing. You nailed this.

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