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Easter Baskets!

Easter is always a fun holiday. Aside from the meaningful religious aspect that is the actual reason for the holiday, Easter is always a fun holiday for kids and families. Between dyeing and hiding Easter eggs, to dressing up in light pastels for church, to Easter baskets, it’s a really fun day. But just because we don’t have kids ourselves, doesn’t mean we can’t still act like kids for a day!

So we made each other Easter baskets! Morgan put together an Easter basket box to send to her sister and it was stuffed. She accidentally dropped a hint that she had packed mine with candy too, so I knew I didn’t need to get her a bunch of candy since she would just eat mine. So I decided to get her a couple of things that I know are her favorites. A few of Morgan’s favorite candies were included: Reese’s eggs (you literally can’t have Easter baskets without Reese’s eggs), Swedish Fish, and Sour Patch Kids. But I also included her favorite food in the entire world- King Hawaiian Rolls. We never buy them because Morgan claims to eat an entire pack of 12 in a day… she didn’t disappoint…

Easter Baskets - Charleston Crafted

She packed my basket with tons of great goodies. Reese’s eggs, Reese’s pieces, Butterfinger eggs, Crunch eggs, beef jerky, popcorn, granola bars and more! I’m SO PUMPED to have some of my favorite candies for my late afternoon cravings at work. The big challenge is just going to be getting it to work before Morgan steals it!

Easter Baskets - Charleston Crafted

We had a great Easter getting together the final pieces of the wedding for this weekend!

Easter Baskets - Charleston Crafted

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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