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DIY Pin Stripe Lamp Overhaul

I love my apartment- it is in a great location and is very nice and clean and safe. However, one thing about it that drives me absolutely bonkers is the fact that none of the rooms (except the bathrooms!) have wired overhead lighting. That’s right, everything has to be lit by lamps! Since I have to have lamps, I decided to try and make them statement pieces of my rooms.
My bedroom is pink and blue preppy themed. The comforter is Ralph Lauren and from Macy’s. I decided to make a lampshade inspired by my bedding. So, one Saturday I went thrifting and this is what I came back with:
how to cover a lampshade with fabric
Two men’s pinstripe shirts
From: James Island Goodwill
Cost: $2 each
Blue Ceramic Lamp
From: ReTail
Cost: $1.50
High School Musical 3-D Double Lampshade (be jealous)
From: James Island Goodwill
Cost: $1


Can you see where I’m going with this?
So, I laid out the shirts and cut the fabric to fit over the shades. Note- I layered the shirt fabric on top of a thicker solid white fabric to try and keep the colored shade from showing through. It still shows when lit up, but what can you do.
I did feel slightly bad cutting up the pink shirt because its from JCrew and cost someone an arm and a leg (or 135), but I figure it’s already had one good life and I’m glad to give it a second one! Plus, I had tons of fabric left over, I’m thinking pillows!

Then I began to hotglue. It took a lot of patience to pull the fabric taut enough. The smaller shade was waaaay more annoying because my hands really didn’t fit in the tiny little space there was to work with. But fifteen minutes later:
Ta-da! A preppy, pinstripe lamp! It goes perfectly in my room, don’t you think?

Have you done any transformations lately?

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Wednesday 22nd of August 2012

This looks fab!


Wednesday 22nd of August 2012

Thanks! It's fun to take something and make it look new :)

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