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Coastal Christmas Decor from the Past

We refuse to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I know that a lot of y’all are looking now for holiday decor inspiration. So, we are popping in today to share the coastal Christmas decor that we have had in our home in past years.

I made this wreath out of spanish moss and it actually hung in our condo (sans-ornaments) year round!

Coastal Christmas Tree - Charleston Crafted

I love the look of ribbon cascading down a tree!

Coastal Christmas Tree - Charleston Crafted

These sand ornaments balls are so simple and one of my favorites.

Coastal Christmas: DIY Anchor Garland Holiday Wreath

This anchor wreath looks cute but got kind of deformed beyond saying in our move. Maybe I need to re-create it…

Coastal Christmas: DIY Mini Oyster Decorative Trees - Charleston Crafted

These oyster trees were a fun DIY, but they do NOT survive storage very well!

Christmas Decorations - Charleston Crafted

In the condo, we didn’t have a fireplace, so we used our TV stand as a mantel. It wasn’t the worst look, but I kind of want white stockings this year…

Crafting a Driftwood Christmas Tree - Charleston Crafted

Isn’t this driftwood tree adorable? They are so fun to make and we will have a few available for sale at West Elm on December 10th!

Our Indoor Christmas Decor 2016 - Charleston Crafted

This was the first year that we bought live garland (from Costco) that ran on the stair railing and the mantel. I LOVE this look and definitely plan on doing it again this year.

Our Indoor Christmas Decor 2016 - Charleston Crafted

Last year we did 2 trees for the first time – I was good with just the faux tree but Sean wanted a real one as well. Since we already own the faux tree, it went up and we ended up those people with two trees. This tree got all of our colorful ornaments and was really fun! I love the bird tree topper.

Our Indoor Christmas Decor 2016 - Charleston Crafted

Here is our coastal tree from last year. The tree itself was… sad. No more Costco trees for us! I am hoping for a fuller look this year, but the general vibe of the space will be pretty similar.

Do you decorate with a theme? What is it?!

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