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Can you spray paint a toilet flush handle?

You might remember that as a part of the $100 room challenge, in an effort to save money and do the makeover on a budget, I decided to spray paint our toilet flush handle from silver chrome to oil rubbed bronze. Well, it has been six months and I have gotten some questions about how well the paint has held up and whether you should spray paint your toilet hardware.

No way dudes, it’s totally chipped!

Can you spray paint a toilet flush handle? via Charleston Crafted

It doesn’t look like horrible horrible, but it definitely didn’t stay. It makes me wonder how it turned out for people who have spray painted all of their door handles!

Can you spray paint a toilet flush handle? via Charleston Crafted

So, what can you do about it? I have 2 ideas.

  1. Repaint (or when you originally paint it) and then follow up with a clear sealant. A clear enamel would definitely help. Note: I haven’t actually tried this but I have used it on other products with success.  Cost: $4
  2. Just buy an ORB flush hardware. I probably should have done this to begin with, since you can buy ORB toilet flush hardware for only $10, but I was trying to be DIY savvy.

So tell me – have you spray painted any hardware? Did it last? Did I just have terrible work?

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C. Jackson

Tuesday 17th of July 2018

You must prime before painting any smooth or "hard to paint" surface. A little research goes a long way. ....the instructions on the Rustoleum can tell ya that.

Kelley @ Coastal Kelder

Tuesday 8th of August 2017

The previous owners in our first home spray painted ALL THE HANDLES black in the house. Kitchen cabinet pulls, bathroom knobs, TP holder, towel rack, etc. They all peeled / chipped and all looked terrible. The worst was not realizing it until there was chipped black paint on our towels when we grabbed them getting out of the shower...

I'm a fan of spray paint, but in this case I'm all for spending the few bucks to just replace the knobs!

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