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20 (Funny!) White Elephant Gifts via Amazon Under $20

White Elephant gift exchanges are hard. You probably have a broad audience with a wide variety of interests and senses of humor. You probably have a low dollar limit (10 or 20 dollars is the normal, I think) and you don’t want to spend any extra because you know that the gift that you receive will be in that category as well.

In my experience, there are a few ways that people go. One is a serious gift. This is something like a candle or a soap. It’s neutral in that it won’t offend anyone. But, it also isn’t getting stolen, laughed at, or acknowledged for more than ten seconds. No one is excited to get soap in a work gift exchange.

The second way to go is edible. Depending on your crowd, this can be the biggest #1 hit. I’ve seen bottles of wine, six packs of beer, half a dozen cupcakes, and a huge box of Reese’s Christmas trees get stolen to the max. If you want to give a gift that people will probably want, enjoy, and then not have to worry about storing in their house, edible is probably the way to go.

The final category of white elephant gifts is silly. Silly gifts are a catch 22. They usually get a big crowd response when opening them. Everyone laughs, people say “let me see that!” They are the most discussed and remembered gifts.

However, probably no one wants to actually take them home. I mean sure, the vegetti is funny to open (what is a VEGETTI it sounds like a dirty rash! is a quote from my gift exchange last year) but does anyone really want it? Probably not. Keep that in mind and know that an edible gift might be more practical and well received, depending on your crowd.

20 (Funny!) White Elephant Gifts via Amazon Under $20

With that being said, here are 20 silly White Elephant gifts. They are all available on Amazon and all under $20. Do they have any sort of purpose? It varies. Are some of them NSFW? Honestly, it depends on your crowd. I’ve worked places where a Sir Perky Bottle Stopper would be a crowd favorite and places where it would get you called to HR. Know your audience, people!


White Elephant Gift Ieas - Work Related Gifts- Charleston Crafted

Mood Cards // Knock Knock Pads // World’s Okayest Employee // Mr Big Shot


White Elephant Gift Ieas - Angry Gifts- Charleston Crafted

BS Flag // Dammit Doll // Creative Cursing // BS Button


White Elephant Gift Ieas - Alcohol - Charleston Crafted

Hairbrush Flask // Wine Bottle Glass // Beer Helmet // Umbrella Flask


White Elephant Gift Ieas - Random Gifts- Charleston Crafted

Bacon Toothpaste // Potty Putter // Unicorn Mask // Exploding Kittens


White Elephant Gift Ieas - NSFW Gifts- Charleston Crafted

Sir Perky // Butt Bank // Bird Feeder // 50 Shades of Chicken

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