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The best woven bar stools for kitchen island with backs

Looking for the perfect, stylish stools for your kitchen? Here are the best woven bar stools for kitchen island with backs!

One of the things that I was most excited about changing our kitchen from a peninsula with a high bar to an island is actually adding barstools.

How the peninsula was situated before there was no way we were ever going to sit there. We designed the island to specifically fit four barstools, so our whole family could sit and enjoy casual meal together.

Of course, to make that happen, we needed some barstools!

I really didn’t know what kind of barstool that I wanted. But, I didn’t know two things: they needed to have seat backs for comfort and safety for our kids, and I like a woven material. Something natural looking with a bit of texture to it.

So, today, I wanted to round up some of the barstools that I considered, and share the ones that we actually chose for our kitchen!

kitchen bar stools round up (1)

Things to keep in mind when choosing bar stools

Remember these important factors when choosing your stools:


Stools typically come in 2 heights:

  • Counter Stool Height: 24”-28”
  • Standard Bar Stool Height: 29”-36”

Double check and measure your space. The last thing you want is to be stuck with barstools that have your eyebrows hitting the countertop.


Measure once, measure twice, and be 100% sure that your stools add up to the right width to fit within your island space! Typically, you want to allow 6-8 inches in between bar stools so people don’t bump elbows.


A pillowy seat can obviously be comfortable for your booty, but think practically first. If you plan to eat actual meals there and have messy eaters – a white cushion might not be the best bet. Make sure they covers are removable and washable if you anticipate an issue!

The bar stools we chose for our kitchen

We tested two bar stools in our kitchen – a woven low back option with a cushion and a higher backed faux leather weave option.

After seeing them visually in the space (we ordered 1 of each as a test!) we determined that the higher backed chairs looked better and were more comfortable and practical for the kids!

We have been eating meals at the island and loving it and the stools!

The image below is our very unfinished kitchen but it is a sneak peek with the stools!

barstools in the kitchen
kitchen bar stools round up (1)

The best woven bar stools for kitchen island with backs

Here are the best bar stools that I considered for our kitchen!

The best woven bar stools for kitchen island with backs

Check out these gorgeous kitchen counter bar stools with backs for comfort and a beautiful woven material!

What are you looking for in a bar stool?

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