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11 Ways to style a throw blanket

Wondering how to put a throw blanket on a couch or chair? Here are my favorite ways to style a throw blanket!

Throw blankets are a super popular home accessory for a good reason.

First of all, they are practical. Who doesn’t love crawling up on the couch under a soft, cozy blanket?

Second of all, they’re usually relatively inexpensive. This means that you can swap them out seasonally such as a red plaid blanket for Christmas and a lighter floral in the spring.

However, you have to figure out how to store your blanket.

Out of season blankets stored in the closet are one thing, but you also need to figure out how to style a throw blanket on a chair so that it adds visual interest and looks purposeful and organized.

stylish and easy ways to style a throw blanket

Tips and Tricks for styling a throw blanket

Here are some of our tip tips and tricks to decorate with a throw blanket.

Color Coordination: Choose a throw blanket that complements or contrasts with the color scheme of the room for a harmonious or bold look, respectively. Blankets are a great way to add a pop of color seasonally to contrast with neutral base pieces!

Texture Play: Experiment with different textures to add texture, depth and interest to your decor.
Combine smooth, fluffy, and woven textures for a balanced look.

Size Matters: Make sure your throw blanket is an appropriate size for the piece of furniture it’s draped over. Larger blankets work well for sofas, while smaller ones are great for chairs.

Folding Techniques: Practice various folding techniques, such as neatly folded, casually draped, or elegantly tossed.

Layering: Layer multiple throw blankets with varying textures and colors for a cozy, inviting look.

Balance and Symmetry: Maintain balance by ensuring the throw blanket hangs evenly on both sides of the furniture.

Contrasting Patterns: Pair solid-colored furniture with patterned throw blankets, or vice versa, for a striking effect.

Tassel and Fringe Placement: Pay attention to the placement of tassels or fringe to add visual interest. Make sure they are hanging straight!

Blanket Placement: Consider draping the throw blanket over the armrest, backrest, or seat of the furniture, depending on the desired effect.

Seasonal Switch-Up: Rotate throw blankets with the seasons to reflect the mood and temperature.

Fold Carefully: Fold the throw blanket neatly when not in use to keep it in good condition and prevent wrinkles.

Accessorize: Add coordinating or contrasting throw pillows to complete the look.

Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly shake out and launder throw blankets to keep them fresh and clean.

Experiment and Have Fun: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different blanket arrangements and styles until you find what suits your space best.

Don’t Overdo It: Avoid cluttering your space with too many throw blankets. Less can often be more.

A note on throw pillows

Throw pillows and throw blankets go hand-in-hand. A folded blanket can work without a throw pillow, but it often looks more complete with a pillow on it.

This is because of the rule of three’s – clusters of three tend to look better to the eye than even numbers or pairs.

So, in this case, the three items would be your chair, your folded blanket, and your throw pillow.

For each of my styling ideas, I photographed it wit, and without a throw pillow just so you can see the difference!

The best ways to drape a blanket over a chair

Here are my favorite ways for how to put a throw blanket on a couch or chair!

Total Tidy

If you like a neat look, simply fold your blanket and lay it over the back of the chair.

Notice that I folded the blanket in such a way as to hide the tassels or any rough edges.

This will give you a more formal look compared to tassels showing or a more casual blanket.

The scarf

I consider this a more playful look. The things that make it feel playful are the fact that it’s slightly off center and the blanket being tossed over the arm of the chair.

To get this look, fold the throw into a long tube. drape it over the back (off center) and then toss the other end of the throw over the arm.

I definitely think this look benefits from the addition of the throw pillow!

Super simple

When in doubt, keep it simple, Fold your blanket but let any tassel or edges show this time.

This will look a bit more casual compared to no tassels.

Add a pillow if you prefer.

Just the seat

Here’s another scarf aesthetic, but across the seat of the chair. This would not work on a full length couch unless you had the world’s longest blanket!

This is a good option if your chair seat has some wear and tear to it you’d like to hide.

I prefer this for formal rooms that don’t get sat on as often because people feel awkward about crumpling the blanket by sitting on it.

Just one arm

I like this look for shorter or smaller blankets – fold them over the seat and hang over one arm.

Be sure to line up any tassels or edges neatly.

This is a more formal look and once again best for chairs that are not sat on frequently.

Super casual

Every wonder why they call it a THROW blanket? Here’s how to throw a throw blanket!

How it straight up and down lengthwise so it’s standing up in the air as tall as possible.

Lay it over the back of the chair. Adjust it backwards until the front hits where you want it to.

Kind of crumple the blanket inward for a folded/textured look. Add a pillow in front to ground it!

French Knot

This is a super fun option if you want to add a little texture and don’t mind wrinkling your favorite throw.

Simply roll it into a long tube and then tie a (loose) knot a few inches up from one end.

This is more fun without the throw pillow (in my opinion).

The vibe from this one can range from beachy/nautical to preppy, depending on your accessories!

Straight down the middle

Fold the edges of your blanket inward so they are tucked behind itself.

Center the blanket on the chair, tucking into the crease where the seat meets the back.

Make sure any tassels or edges are straight in the front.

You can adjust this look to be thinner or wider, just beware that thick blankets can look a little floofy if stacked too thick!

To the side

I love this look and think it looks interesting and thoughtful without being overly formal or casual! It’s a great balance.

Fold the blanket as before, but this time drape the throw over one corner at the diagonal.

This look definitely looks best with a pillow in front.

Cover the couch

This method fully covers your couch. It’s a great option if you really aren’t vibing with the color or material or if it is stained.

I love this as an option to mix up your living room seasonally and make it feel more Christmasy, for example.

You could also choose a blanket the same coulr as your chair but with a more interesting texture for a softer look.

I give up

Not in the mood to neatly fold today? Want to drape a throw over a chair in one second or less?

Here’s my favorite method for a casual look!

Fold the blanket in half (hamburger style) if it’s large.

Then, just plop it over the edge.

Use your fingers to smush it together, inward, so it all fits within the width of the chair back.

Or, pull it slightly off center for a diagonal look.

Add a throw pillow – or not – and move on with your day!

Any more questions about how to style a throw blanket?

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