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Spring Cleaning: Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets

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I am not a cleaner by nature. Not in the least. However, I have made it my March mission to do some spring cleaning. While none of it is notable in itself, I wanted to share everything that I did with you. Maybe you will be inspired to deep clean, too! Throughout this week, we’ll be sharing everything we’re cleaning and organizing in the house and take a look what we did! First on the list- organizing the kitchen cabinets.

This was a three-phased approach because we had three different kitchen cabinets that we wanted to go through. First was our pots and pans cabinet because they were a total cluster.

Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets - Charleston Crafted

Everything we have is a combination of stuff that Sean and I brought together. We had way too many pots and pans that we never even used. All they were doing was getting in the and causing us to just throw things in the cabinet on top of each other. Nothing had a place. We looked into buying some cabinet organizers, but the odd sizes of our cabinets prevented us from getting anything that would work. We also thought about hanging hooks, but the top of the cabinet is actually the bottom of the drawer above, so we wouldn’t be able to pull them out. So we decided that good old organization would take care of it. We started by pulling everything we had out and deciding what we could give to Goodwill.

Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets - Charleston Crafted

Then we put everything back that we decided to keep, but now each piece we kept had it’s own place and is so much easier to access!

Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets - Charleston Crafted

Next on the list was our cabinet with a cluster of tupperware and random alcohol.

Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets - Charleston Crafted

We did the same thing here as we did with the pots and pans and took everything out and put everything we never use in a pile for Goodwill.

Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets - Charleston Crafted

We put everything back into the cabinet in it’s own place and now actually have useable tupperware and can get to it all. We even found some things we didn’t know we had that would be very useful.

While we were going strong, we went into the cabinet with all of our appliances and moved some of the ones we don’t use as often (like our extra CrockPot, a hand blender, our pasta maker) to the semi-empty cabinet above the refrigerator.

Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets - Charleston Crafted

We feel SO much better after organizing those cabinets. We can access things so much more easily and everything that we use regularly is in a certain spot. Stay with us throughout the rest of the week to keep spring cleaning!

Have you done any spring cleaning?


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