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4 easy DIY garage organization ideas

Ever look around your garage and realize how unorganized it is? With so many small items in a garage, it’s easy for it to get out of control. We’ve got four easy DIY garage organization ideas to help you out!

This post is sponsored by National Hardware. Links to their products are included in the post. All opinions expressed are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Charleston Crafted possible!

After moving into our new house, we quickly organized the inside of our home. The only space that wasn’t touched in the first four months is our garage!

We have tons of tools and supplies in the garage that needed organization. It’s also crucial to have quick access to these tools when we need them.

We paired up with National Hardware and grabbed five of their best garage organization products to show you 4 easy DIY garage organization ideas.

Easy DIY garage organization ideas

How to organize your garage

If someone asked us what our number one piece of storage and organization advice would be, the answer would be easy…

Go vertical.

It’s so easy to get caught up with just stacking things on top of each other or piling them on the ground.

And shelves are great, but that isn’t all it takes to go vertical.

At our old house, we had a storage system hanging from the ceiling that was installed by the previous owners.

We also added shelving, this vertical wood storage solution, and a wall rack for clamps.

DIY garage tool organization products from National Hardware

We’re starting from scratch here in our new garage and workshop. For that, we turned to National Hardware to get some initial organization solutions.

National Hardware products in package

National Hardware is a great resource for your garage organization needs. They have hundreds of products on their website and their Amazon shop and something to fit all of your unique storage issues.

This hardware is all simple to install (all you need is a drill!) and they are very inexpensive! It’s a great solution for any budget or tool comfort level.

Here’s four ideas for easy DIY garage organization using products from National Hardware.

Hang outdoor tools on the wall

When we moved, I grabbed an armful of all our outdoor tools that were tucked behind a 2×4, shoved them in my trunk, then dumped them in the corner next to our garage door.

Before of outdoor tools

This was a a bad solution, but didn’t have a good way to store them and we’ve had bigger things on our minds.

When I’ve needed a tool, I always knock down the pile trying to dig through them.

We grabbed a few tool storage clips from National Hardware and attached these on the wall next to the garage door. By stacking two of these sets of clips off center from each other, we were able to hang all our outdoor tools in easy reach!

Outdoor tools in wall clips in garage

We love these clips because it’s simple to snap tool handles into the clips and pop them back out again.

set of clips to hold shovels and rakes in garage

We also used a power tool organizer for some of the bigger, heavier tools like shovels.

Now the tools are off the ground and organized.

Add brackets for cords and tools

We have been keeping all of our extension cords in a cardboard box on the floor of the garage. Well, except for the 5 or so that we have our Christmas decorations plugged into.

hang extension cords on the wall using these hooks

In order to not have to dig around for the right length cord, we turned to storage hooks.

close up of extension cord storage hooks

These hooks are perfect for hanging a wrapped extension cord.

You could also use these hooks to hang safety equipment like masks or headphones. They would also hold anything with a cord or handle, including a large bucket! You could even lay something horizontally across them.

They are super versatile and extremely useful!

Put frequent tools at arm’s reach

The way our garage is spaced out right now, our hand tools are no where near the workbench.

Before of workbench area

We need to figure out a long term solution, but we grabbed two great products from National Hardware to hang some frequently used tools right above the workbench.

Tool holder hanging over the workbench

The first is a set of tool holders, where we are now hanging our most frequently used hand tools.

These can be easily grabbed and hung back up with no issues.

tool holders over workbench

We also added a magnetic tool holder that holds all metal hand tools.

We use things like our level, ruler and pliers a lot, so having these at arm’s reach is great.

magnetic tool holder

If we ever get around to a long-term garage tool organization solution, we’ll be able to relocate these tool holders and use them again with no issues, since they just screw in!.

Hang bikes on the wall or ceiling

One thing that always takes up a ton of space in the garage is bikes.

Before of bikes on ground

Bikes are long and awkward, so getting them off the ground will clear up a ton of moving around space.

National Hardware has some great bike hooks that allow you to hang your bike from the ceiling or the wall!

bike hooks vertical storage

It was easy to install these to hang on a vertical beam in our garage with two screws. Then the bikes just hung right on them!

bike hook on wall

We hung Morgan’s bike because she doesn’t use it as much and hung Luke’s new little balance bike at a height for him!

The bottom line on garage organization

Going vertical and using the right storage products make all the different in garage organization.

Swing over to National Hardware and check out more of their storage solutions to get your garage tools in line.

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