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8 DIY Fluted Wood Decor Ideas

Love the aesthetic of fluted wood decor but don’t want to pay a huge price? Here are a ton of DIY Fluted Wood Decor project ideas to inspire you!

Fluted wood decor is definitely having a moment in home decor – it’s popping up everywhere!

The popularity of this textured wood look has aligned with an overall push towards simpler color schemes and lots of texture.

And I totally get it – plain, smooth wood can feel flat. It’s fun to experiment with trim and patterns to add a little visual interest to your furniture pieces.

Today we want to chat about fluted paneling and share how you can add fluted details to projects in your home!

8 DIY fluted wood projects

What is Fluting?

Fluting is a decorative technique that involves carving shallow, elongated channels or grooves into a surface, typically wood.

Historically, fluted patterns were used in classical architecture, particularly in ancient Greece and Rome. Columns in iconic structures like the Parthenon and the Roman Colosseum often had fluted designs.

Traditionally, craftsmen would meticulously carve flutes by hand using chisels, showcasing remarkable skill and precision.

Fluted accents on walls, furniture, and home accessories have become popular choices, merging classic aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities.

Typically, these looks are achieved using trim and paneling instead of being hand carved. You can use simple materials to get the look yourself – no chisel required!

Laying wood dowels to make fluted door

Materials for Fluted Wood Decor Projects

There are a few ways to hack the fluted wood look in your home. Here are some ideas:

  • Use dowels – typically 1/4″ diameter – glued into place
  • Glue or nail half round molding to your wood surface
  • Hang wood slats with small gaps in between to give a fluted wall panel look

The best way to decide on which look is best for you, is to consider price. Measure your space, do the math to determine how many piece you will need, and determine which is the best fit for your budget!

dowels cut and ready to make a dowel christmas tree

DIY Fluted Wood Decor Ideas

Here are some fabulous fluted wood decor step by step tutorials to inspire you!

DIY Fluted wood decor ideas

Love the look of fluted wood? Here are a ton of projects using this trendy wood aesthetic!

Before you go…

Once you’ve landed on your fluted woodworking project, you’ll want to pick out the perfect wood stain! Check out our top 10 wood stains sampled on 5 types of wood to see which might be the perfect wood stain for your project!

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