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Taco Thursdays

Breakfast Tacos!

If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you know we are really in to tacos. We even have a whole blog category devoted to them. While we are big fans of our traditional tacos or burritos during the week, we often have a lot of leftover shells after a meal since they come in …

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Sweet Potato Burrito Filling

We are making a big effort to cook healthier. As part of that, I have started eating a ton of sweet potatoes. They are so easy to cook and so yummy! Plus they are full of vitamins and nutrients. We try to eat mexican-inspired dishes on thursdays and call it Taco Thursday! We recently discovered …

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Burritos

With the upcoming most-fatty-holiday-of-the-year, we wanted to share an idea on how to spruce up your Thanksgiving leftovers that you’ll be eating for a week. I love the first four plates of Thanksgiving dinner I eat on the actual day, but I also love the leftovers the next few days. I have also learned several …

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