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a LOVEly Arrangement

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My apartment is small and without many big, blank walls. I do, however, have one big blank wall in my dining area. I’ve always been attracted to gallery walls but wanted to make this one really fun and personal. I found my pinspiration here, but there was no tutorial, so i had to figure it out myself.

This project ended up taking a lot more time than I anticipated, not just because it was a lot of detailed work, but also because I was super OCD about it.

The first step was collecting the frames. I purchased them from and got site-to-store shipping, which is free- you just pick it up at your local Walmart. I chose these frames mostly because they were the best bang for the buck- i needed a ton of frames and wanted them to be pretty generic and cheap. I also knew that I was going to have colorful pictures on a white wall and wanted the frames to be minimalistic and simple.

I then made prints online and stuck them into the frames. Another tough thing was getting the right number of horizontal and vertical pictures. Make sure you have 21 vertical and 15 horizontal.

Then you should lay the photos out on the floor. I copied the lay out of the pinterest image. I then started on my wall. I started at the top and center point by hanging the middle top point of the heart.

Heart Wall Gallery - Charleston Crafted

I then measured so that the next pictures would have exactly 2″ frame-to-frame with this one and hung those nails.

Heart Frame Gallery Wall - Charleston Crafted

From here I just worked my way out, making sure to step back and check the level and balance of each picture.

Heart Frame Gallery Wall - Charleston Crafted

Heart Frame Gallery Wall - Charleston Crafted

It took several evenings of hanging, but finally, it was done!!!

Heart Frame Gallery Wall - Charleston Crafted

Heart Frame Gallery Wall - Charleston Crafted

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? What’s the inspiration? Is it symetrical? Geometrical? Random? Please share!

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Sunday 5th of April 2015

thank you for the lovely idea!


Sunday 5th of April 2015

Thanks for stopping by!