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5 Types of “Beachy” Style Decor

I always have a hard time when people ask me my home decor style. I want to say “beachy” but beachy, nautical style kind of gets a bad rep. Some people imagine a seashell-covered monstrosity – something like one of the tourist shops often found a block away from the beach pier. Today, I thought that it would be fun to talk about five different types of beachy/nautical decor and see what you guys think!

Nantucket Nautical

When I think of Nantucket I think of shingled houses, loads of hydrangeas, and lots of navy and white. Dark, rich wood, subtle stripes, and seascapes abound. Northeastern preppy style is a really pulled back, traditional take on the nautical look.

Nantucket Nautical - Charleston Crafted


Living Room // Exterior // Stripes // Entryway  // Blue & Wicker// Dining room

Hawaiian Tropical

Hawaiian decor is focused so much on nature. The main colors are really natural tans and golden browns, with pops of lush green and vibrant florals. The best part of Hawaii is of course the year round sunshine, so indoor/outdoor living is key.

Hawaiian Tropical - Charleston Crafted


Sectional // Living Room // Kitchen // Porch // Exterior // Dining Room

Southern Coastal Chic

Think Reese Witherspoon at the beach. There is a lot of white and cream and soft blues and a general old fashioned, classic feeling. Texture is layered on with rattan and jute and linen.

Southern Coastal Chic - Charleston Crafted


 Kitchen // Exterior // Living Room // Indoor Outdoor Living // Living Room // Blue and White living room

Palm Beach

Palm beach is over the top. It means lots of color (pink & green for days) and lots of lush tropical feels. Include natural materials like rattan or bamboo for the perfect balance.

Palm Beach Style - Charleston Crafted


The Dwell Hotel // By the pool // Lilly home // Palm wallpaper // Pink piping // Exterior

Southern California Seaside

Southern California can have a laid back, barefoot kind of feeling. There’s lots of white with a heavy dose of texture. Like a surfer dude just stood up and walked out of the room. It’s light and bright and comfortable above all else.

Southern California Seaside - Charleston Crafted


Living Room // Dining Room // Exterior // Fireplace // Light Fixture // Kitchen

What style is your favorite? Is there one that I forgot?

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