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One of the big things that Sean and I have in common is our love for organization. We both get our kicks off of having specific little places for everything to go. The thing about organizing is that to make it successful, you have to keep it up. That’s why its so important to periodically clean and purge areas of your home.

It just sometimes feels like it takes too much time or energy to organize. That’s why I was so excited to see that one of my favorite bloggers, Jen at I Heart Organizing issued a 4 drawers 4 days challenge. Her point was simple – take a few minutes each day to clean up a drawer and feel very accomplished by the end of the week!

We participated in the challenge last week, but you could challenge yourself to do the same at any time. Set aside ten minutes after dinner (or whenever works for you!) Empty the drawer completely, wipe it down, decided what to keep and what to toss (or donate) and then put it all back, in a more logical or organized way.

On Tuesday, I attacked my hanging files at work:

#4Drawers4Days - Charleston Crafted

On Wednesday, I purged my vanity overflow-makeup drawer (why did I hoard so many basically empty mascaras?):

#4Drawers4Days - Charleston Crafted

On Thursday, I cleaned up our miscellaneous kitchen utensils:

#4Drawers4Days - Charleston Crafted

And then over the weekend (Friday got a bit away from me….) we attacked the hoarder storage that is our living room side table:

#4Drawers4Days - Charleston Crafted

It felt so good and was so easy to tackle this challenge! It might even have been enough to pump me up to conquer my closet…. again! 🙂

I challenge you to conquer four drawers this week! Share it on Instagram and be sure to tag me!

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Monday 31st of August 2015

It's so fun to find out that we read the same blogs. iHeart Organizing has been one of my favorite blogs for years!!


Tuesday 1st of September 2015

Mine too! I love discovering that I have a blog in common with someone, its so fun to discuss!

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